FoxNews published a story a few days ago illustrating how gun control kills.  It got lost in the shuffle of moving, but it’s certainly worth a look.

Bad guys with guns aren’t stopped by laws.

They’re stopped by good guys with guns.

FoxNews has the story.

How gun control helped a stalker kill my husband

By Nicole Goeser

(FoxNews) – In April 2009, my husband was shot six times in front of me in the middle of a busy restaurant by a man who was stalking me. I have a permit to carry a handgun but because of the law at that time in my home state of Tennessee, I had to leave the gun that I normally carried for self defense, locked in my car that night.

My husband Ben and I ran our mobile karaoke business out of a restaurant that served alcohol and my gun was forbidden there. I  obeyed the law but my stalker, who was carrying a gun illegally, ignored it.

I noticed my stalker (a former karaoke customer) in the crowd that night and I knew something was not right. This was a man that I had blocked from my social network account due to inappropriate messages he had sent me.


2 thoughts on “How gun control helped kill my husband…”
  1. I have read this earlier, not sure where, probably in my NRA “First Freedom” magazine, a sad story. There needs to be liability lawsuits brought on those businesses that do not allow firearms when something like this happens. They assume the safety of the patrons by removing patrons’ ability to defend themselves.

  2. Take a look at Illinois New concealed carry law and. then ask who the law protects it is nor the law abiding citizen

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