by John Boch

I really enjoy Liam Neeson.

Taken” was one movie of his that’s among a handful that I keep around to watch from time to time – movies like Full Metal Jacket, Apocalypse Now and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

I guarantee you “Non-Stop” won’t be among that select few.

In Non-Stop, Air Marshal Liam Neeson is fighting about someone sending him text messages and killing people on an airliner.

It’s the guy who wants to go to Amsterdam that you see at the beginning of the movie.  The guy who says he’s a teacher with glasses.

Did I spoil the movie for you?

Good and I’ll tell you why:  This movie is pure Hollywood trash.

The bad guy in the movie is a former US Army Ranger – one of the nation’s most elite fighting men – who has gone off the reservation.  He believes in the Constitution and it’s suggested that he’s a TEA Party member.

The Muslim guy in the movie is a good guy, of course, which is fine.  It’s sad to have to say it, but there are plenty of Muslims who are good guys and gals in the world.  Of course, in Hollywood, they never portray Muslims as terrorists.

Instead, they portray returning US military servicemen as terrorists.  Servicemen who are Christians and who believe in the Constitution.

Frankly, the only military person I know of who has gone off the reservation in the real world was a muslim whack-job.

But no, we can’t have a muslim terrorist killing people on a plane.

Oh yeah, the pilot gets killed and the bomb goes off, but the co-pilot lands the plane.

And the black guy who is kind of a jerk early on in the movie – “Am I in the way?” – is helping the terrorist.

This movie is more of the same anti-military serviceman sentiment that was so common following the Viet Nam War.

Don’t support that crap.

Send Hollywood a message…  don’t go see Non-Stop.


20 thoughts on “NON-STOP: Send Hollywood a message: Don’t go see it.”
  1. Just mirroring Osama cleansing of the miltary by religion, standards and sexual choice, the media has got to keep the mature unformation going.

  2. Thanks for the information. We should back our beliefs by voting with our dollars.

    “No guns = NO MONEY” often works as well.

  3. I’m so sorry that I won’t go to see it, I too, like Liam Neeson and really liked him in “Next of Kin” with Patrick Swayze. Rarely will I go to a moviehouse to see a movie but was considering it for this movie. I hate to send any money to hollywood, I cannot bring myself to support the present hollywood and actors, their whole elitist attitude turns my stomach. Give me the “old” hollywood with the Duke, Jimmy Stewart, Charles Bronson, and true American Patriots, needless to say, the movies I watch are at home on DVD or VCR. Don’t have much patience for the moviegoers, either.

  4. I will NOT support $$$ an anti MILITARY anti TEA PARTY and more importantly an anti CHRISTian movie EVER!!! God bless our troops, our constitution and conservative TEA party members who love the USA!!!

  5. It’s a fucking MOVIE. Get over yourselves, you self righteous, band-wagon morons.

    1. You are right, it is a F**KING movie, does NOT deserve the support from true Patriots when it depicts ANTI-American values, why don’t you go join your national socialist “bretheren” at the Dumocrapic Underground where you will be welcomed and leave us true Patriots be.
      You Jim, are the “self righteous MORON”!!

    2. Are you kidding me? The movie The Siege depicted muslims as terrorists and I’m pretty sure in the show 24 there have been arabs/muslims portrayed as terrorists, so that debunks this Hollywood agenda accusation. Also, Christianity is not exactly the intrinsic pinnacle of morality and righteousness Christian right wingers seem to think it is. Last time I read the Bible it condoned slavery and genocide and women were little more than the property of their fathers and husbands. And let’s not forget Christopher Dorner, a former LAPD cop and US Navy officer who went on a killing spree in February of last year, and I’m pretty sure he identified himself as Christian. This article is bullshit propaganda. It’s just a movie that has taken a typical plot without regurgitating the typical stereotypes. It used to be the Soviets, then that got old, and for awhile it was the Arabs, but now that’s old. Get your conservative head out of your ass. By the way, I own three firearms and support 2nd Amendment rights and the right to carry.

    3. THIS MOVIE is typical “national socialist progressive” PROPAGANDA!!! Get over yourself, I persionally doubt you would bother to read the Bible so your denigrating Christians is just your and typical libiot hate speech.
      Who cares if you “own guns”, good for you to help support the US Constitution and the RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS, but you have your head up your posterior and a chip on your shoulder about Christians, so STICK IT WHERE THE SUN DON’T SHINE!!!!

      This article is about not supporting the typical “progressive” agenda that slams AMERICA AND PATRIOTIC AMERICANS. If you want to support their crap, that is up to you, I do not go to moviehouses because it just supports the immoral hollywood elitists that would love to destroy America and furthur the Marxist / Alinsky agenda.

  6. Hollywood makes these types of films to demonize patriots, Christians, gun owners etc… so they can manipulate the public to the new normal: Commie Pink “O” thinking!

    The bath House crowd will never stop wanting our guns!

  7. Forgot to add thanks Jon for saving me money.

    Hollywood just loves to make veterans look like terrorists while they make the rest of the fringe/communist groups look like saints.
    I for one have had enough!
    Our real power is in the “Power of the Purse Strings”
    Learn to boycott Hollywood or any group that doesn’t support our rights!

  8. It’s just a movie.. Christians are not all bad is like saying there are good Muslims out there. The reason there are many Christians is because of the Christian crusaders going town to town and converting by the sword. If you love the constitution you would honor separation of church and state. ” The cure to Christianity is reading the bible” Mark Twain

    1. You are right, it is just a movie, and the ANTI-American libiots will NOT get ANY income from ME and like-minded Patriots.
      Spend your hard-earned money where you will but do not support the kinds of libiots that produce ANTI-American garbage.
      If you love America and the founding documents you would honor true Patriots that “support and defend the US Constitution from enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC”!!

  9. Yes…it is just a movie and it’s the same as saying “It’s none of my business”. If you support this asinine movie then you’re supporting anti-american policies. The muslims who are “good” should be leading the charge against the murdering A**holes who have been attacking our homeland for more than 60 years. The vast majority of our former military along with most Tea Party members are heros. I do NOT support this movie and I will not even watch it when it comes out on DVD.
    We all eventually must choose sides, my choice will be for upholding the entire constitution of America.

  10. Hey chuck, get a clue, the constitution does not contain the words “separation of church and state” – That comes from a letter that Thomas Jefferson wrote to a particular pastor. But the first amend. does state; “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”

  11. Apparently you aren’t aware that Chris Kyle was killed by a former military member who “went off the reservation”.
    Or that we had Muslims as our bad guys in action movies throughout the 1980 and 1990s in everything from Delta Force to Wanted Dead or Alive and True Lies.
    Did you forget that “The Rock” portrayed American soldiers as terrorists? Did you boycott that on as well?

    It’s a movie. If you care about politics and the direction of this country quit bitching about it from behind your computer. Get out and fundraise for the party you believe in.

    Come up with logical and well thought out arguments that might get people who are unconvinced of your views to believe in them. All you are doing now is pandering to people who already share your view. That didn’t do much to get a conservative elected the last two times now did it? Calling the opposition “libiots” does a lot to counter people’s opinion that the tea party and other conservatives are uneducated.

    1. The only “conservitave” that was in the last 2 presidential elections was Sarah Palin, and if John McLame wouldn’t have had her as his running mate he would not have gotten my support. I would have voted for Senator Thompson in the primaries if he was still on the ballot when IL had it’s primary, he is much more conservative than McLame any day!
      “Libiots” is a truthful term as most liberals drink the “national socialist progressive” kool-ade and have no original thoughts, lemmings one and all.

  12. Really good movie. Completely understand your point of view but not going to let it stop me from letting one of the few really good actors of my time waste his performance. There are other ways of going about making your point heard. I give the movie 5 stars!

    1. If you want to spend your money on ANTI-American movies, go for it, it is still a “free” country, but getting less so.

      It is getting less so because of the “national socialist progressive libiots” such as the ones that put this movie together that send their millions to the national socialist progressives in the dumbocrat political party who in turn, infringe on our Constitutional RIGHTS, ALL of them.

      I don’t care if it is a “good movie” by your “standards”, I will not send any money to them, good movie or bad, at all. The actors got paid before the movie was released, they got their paychecks, and many of them also contribute to the “national socialist” (NAZI) agenda as well! I won’t support them either!

  13. I don’t even bother watching movies anymore. When I was a kid, way back in the last century, my parents never went to see movies because they figured that people who dedicated their lives to pretending to be someone they’re not weren’t worth spending money on.

    Times haven’t changed much.

  14. I have been going on youtube regularly putting this in the comments, and I suggest everyone do the same. Send hollyweird a message, VETERANS ARE NOT THE ENEMY, I don’t care how pc it is. Keep spoiling it for potential moviegoers, go on youtube, and keep the comments up, a lot of people go there to see the trailer, and the message will reach a very large audience!

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