The National Rifle Association has an affinity program with VISA, whereby its 5 million plus members earn sort of an equivalent of a “cash back” program for the NRA on purchases made with the cards.  The NRA says over $20 million has been raised through the program over the years.

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Ownership can’t stand that.

Their naive handful of “members” (useful idiots) are herded by paid shills prostituted by grants from Soros, Bloomberg, et al.

In recent days, the paid shills herded a merry band of fifteen or so to turn out at a satellite office of VISA in Washington to deliver petitions with — wait for it — more than 5100 people urging VISA to abandon the NRA VISA affiliate program.

5100 signatures.

Truly now, CSGV must be mentally ill to think VISA is going to abandon a profitable business arrangement that has netted VISA tens of millions of dollars because they received 5,100 signatures from a fringe anti-civil rights group.

CSGV members are idiots – in the strict, dictionary definition.



1.  Informal. an utterly foolish or senseless person: If you think you can wear that outfit to a job interview and get hired, you’re an idiot!

They did manage to score some ink in the left-leaning press over the stunt (no, we’re not going to send them the hits by linking to them), but then again, it’s part of the reason the mainstream media is in a tailspin.

6 thoughts on “CSGV turns out 15 to lobby against NRA at a VISA office”
  1. GSL turned out 300 in Rantoul at our February meeting when the temperature went below zero. And they were happy people, not p****d off idiots.

  2. Good point, Mr. N.

    Good point.

    I didn’t make this most recent meeting, but the ones I’ve been to didn’t have any useful idiots present in the audience.


  3. I just got an e-mail to sign up for an NRA Visa, think I will send in the application if just to tweak the “Libiots” (my term for liberal idiots) in another way, and use it for ammo, firearms, and gun-related purchases.

  4. Hmmmm… 5100 signatures on a petition or 5,000,000 NRA members and potential customers?
    Let me know what Visa decides.

  5. I’ve had a Visa with the American flag and a Bald Eagle on the front from NRA since 2008. I buy everything with that card. And never had any dirty looks. If my information is correct, the NRA gets a small percentage from every purchase I make. I feel good about that!

    1. I got signed up for the card, chose the one you carry although there were several I liked but I really loved that one, I got a conformation this morning and should get it in a week or so.

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