We broke the story to gun owners nationwide about Connecticut mailing a pre-confiscation letter to that state’s gun owners who were late with their registration applications.

Over 200 gun and magazine owners, with notarized statements and descriptions of their property listed on completed registration applications, were sent the letters, bringing that state one step closer to gun and magazine confiscations and gun owners being made into felons.

Here’s the letter.  Courtesy of The Truth About Guns.

6 thoughts on “Connecticut’s gun pre-confiscation letter: Here it is.”
  1. Democrap “go along and get along” program’s first step. Second step, get some knee pads for your mandatory walking exercise.

  2. Dear Dictator, I have rendered them inoperable by driving down to the coast and tossing them into the Atlantic. they are no longer in existence.

  3. Dear Lt Cooke, As a citizen of the United States, you yourself have no lawful authority to render the Federal Law and its Amendments, specifically the ability of a people the right to bear (carry) arms (firearms of the day). Only the People and a 2/3 Vote by Congress may change Federal Law.

    Further, enforce the rule of law, and in its place using maritime law which is not to exercised by a state official, instead held and enforced by the magistrate of the court system (judges), you are hereby put on notice and further lawful action by the state citizens of Connecticut can be taken to remove you from your position Lieutenant. Respectfully…

  4. To The People of Connecticut: I firmly believe the time has come to go on the offensive to wack some key politicians that have desires to go a muck from the CONSTITUTION of The UNITED STATES. Violence will be your answer. Killem all

    1. That certainly isn’t necessary. But if a single one of those legislators is still employed by the citizens of Connecticut the day after the next election, they they deserve whatever they get. Connecticut must send everyone who voted for this appalling piece of legislation to the unemployment office, and as soon as possible.

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