Lots of good news today.

We crested 100,000 unique visitors, blowing well into six-figure land for the first time in our short 18 months online in the gun blogging world.

In other good news, Hostek came through bigtime, helping to alleviate the heavy load our server was groaning under.

It turns out we weren’t under a coordinated denial of service attack, but simply an attack of people seeking more information about Connecticut state officials violating their oaths of office.

Hostek doubled the number of concurrent connections available to our readers and it made things tolerable, even if it was running sluggishly for most of the day.

Thanks to all who came by to visit us…


One thought on “Website update: Things are calming down and surpassing a milestone”
  1. What I don’t understand is how you know about some of us being unigue. I thought the NSA was the only ones spying on us. I’m going to start wearing Groucho glasses when I’m on here.

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