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It’s almost March.  The snow and sub-freezing temperatures will soon be gone.   It’s time to think warm thoughts and concealed carry!

The Illinois State Police will begin mailing concealed carry licenses any day now.  Yes, it’s really going to happen.

Even if you’re not sure you want a carry license, it’s always good to learn how to use your handgun to defend yourself and your family should danger appear near.  Like the Guns Save Life highway sign set says, “Remember sonny:  That rabbit’s foot won’t save no bunny!”

GSL Defense Training is offering the finest Illinois Concealed Carry classes  – courses that vastly exceed the State of Illinois mandated-minimums. Better still, we’ve having a sale on class registrations received before March 31, 2014!  SAVE BIG MONEY!

Our instructors have roughly 200 years of instructional experience, something you won’t find at JohnnyComeLatelyTacticalTraining.com.

Our legal sections are taught by genuine GSL Defense Training instructor-lawyers without a single Power Point slide.

Our weapons handling involves handling – you guessed it – real guns.  We shoot in our classes – with real ammunition, not with Airsoft or glorified laser guns.

We don’t leave early and we don’t cut corners.  We go above and beyond.  We supplement required materials by sharing tactics and skill sets we’ve learned from the best national schools.  It’s your money – you might as well get the most you can from your training.

More importantly, we teach you how to layer your defenses so you don’t need to resort to fighting for your life with your handgun.  If avoidance and de-escalation fails you though, we teach you how to fight with your handgun and we teach you some basic tactics that will instill confidence and help you prevail should the worst ever happen.

Train with the people you know and trust.  Train with GSL Defense Training.

Best of all, you can get your training right away with GSL Defense Training!  And it’s on SALE!


GSL Defense Training Basic Illinois CCW 16-hour course is coming soon to a town near you.

This Illinois State Police-approved course, taught by Illinois State Police-approved instructors, satisfies the 16-hour training requirement to apply for an Illinois carry license.  It is also recognized nationally by numerous states to satisfy those states’ training requirements to carry as well.

It’s coming as soon as March 15 & 16 at nearby DeWitt County Sportsmen’s Club near Clinton, IL.

Also, March 29 & 30 at Darnall’s GunWorks and Ranges near Bloomington, IL.

For folks closer to Chicago and the suburbs, we have an April 26 & 27 class at the wonderful Iroquois County Law Enforcement Association range near Crescent City, IL at the Iroquois County Fairgrounds.

Plenty of slots remain for all of these classes – some more so than others, of course.  Right now, our 16-hour class is on sale for $50 off.  Plus, you can still use our “Buy one, get one half price” deal to save even more!  Sign up a friend or relative to tag along with you and tuition is just $225 per person!


For more information about this class, click here.


For those who only need the second 8-hours of training because of ISP-recognized credit for prior military service or prior firearm training:

GSL Defense Training Basic Illinois CCW 8-hour course is coming even sooner!  Friday, March 14th!

On Friday, March 14th, we will host a class for those who only need the second eight-hours of training at the DeWitt County Sportsmen’s Club near Clinton.  SAVE MONEY!  GSL Defense Training’s 8-hour classes are on sale too for $25 off on registrations received before March 31, 2014.

This eight-plus hour class will cover three plus hours of legal considerations (taught by real lawyers, not someone reading Power Point slides), roughly four hours of weapons handling (that’s handling real guns, not Airsoft replicas, plastic trainers or laser guns), both well in excess of that required by the Illinois State Police in the final 8-hour course.  We will fire roughly 100-120 rounds of ammunition, depending on time and class make-up.


For more information about this class, click here.


Classes with us are fun and educational.

GSL Defense Training classes are fun and educational.  Never dull and boring.  Never death by Power Point.


Here’s what one student wrote about us last October:

Just a quick note to you and your crew.  I just wanted to thank you all.  Chuck & I had an excellent time!

You guys are fantastic at what you do!  I was not excited about going at all, but knew it was something I probably should do.  None the less, not excited, but I attended.  I can’t believe how much more confidence, and secure I feel with my gun safety and handling, shooting, along with my understanding of the law and responsibility to the law.  Thank you all for having such a great standard of excellence!

In addition, we loved all of your team’s thought process on our rights, laws and responsibilities…

Thanks Again!



Here is what a 43-year-old female wrote in a November 2013 course evaluation:

All the trainers are top-notch, professional, extremely overqualified and patient.  Every student is treated in the same respectful manner, regardless of ability.  You leave feeling like you can defend yourself under any situation.  GSL Defense Training goes out of their way to accommodate, encourage, teach and when the time calls, to entertain.  I always learn something new and memorable.


You can attend the best Illinois concealed carry classes right here in Central Illinois, taught by experienced, top-notch instructors who have been to the best national schools and who bring what they’ve learned back to share with you.

Your first choice probably wouldn’t be to trust your life to the guy who just graduated medical school a few months ago, and the same goes for learning how to defend yourself and your family from death or great bodily injury using your personal defense tools.

Train with the people you know and trust.

Train with GSL Defense Training!