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First off, our apologies for a sluggish website.  If you’re like us, you’re having difficulty getting on (we’re able to access the site only about one out of two tries, and trying to get to the admin side of things is much more difficult than that).

We have good news and bad news to deliver; first the good news.

Our friends at Hostek are getting their workout today.

Guns Save Life has already broken traffic records with over 45,000 unique visitors as of this writing at 7:50am and it’s not even peak hours of the day.  We expect to crest six figures for the first time in our history, or easily ten times the average traffic of about 9k uniques.

Yes, everyone’s reading the Connecticut gun confiscation letter story.

Then there’s the bad news.

Not everyone has reacted positively to our story.  Not by a long shot.

Hostek is battling an “external” problem attacking our website.  We’re a little short on what that problem is, but it all started before 8pm last night…  roughly an hour after we put up the story about Connecticut.

We’ll go ahead an speculate (’cause that’s what the other side does) that it’s not just heavy traffic slowing down the website, but someone(s) trying to cripple or silence our website.

As hard as they try, freedom won’t die.

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