Barack H. Obama has gutted the Air Force’s budget to the point where they can’t offer an honor flight for certain burial details at Arlington National Cemetery.

Allen West found this, and wrote, “For those of you who think Big Government has all the answers, just take a few minutes to watch this video. ”

He said it well.

Basically, two crewmen of a A-26 were shot down in a combat mission over Laos almost a half-century ago.  The recently found the crash site and excavated it, and identified the bodies.

Recently they were given a burial at Arlington with full honors.  Including a flyover performed by civilians.

Watch for the rest…


6 thoughts on “AWESOMENESS: Civilian Honor Flight over Arlington”
  1. What a wonderful honor and tribute to our lost, fallen, found soldiers. Wish we can locate all of the POWs!

    True Americans know what it all means.

  2. Amen, sister. Amen.

    Great story. Glad you found it. Makes me proud to hear our nation has such fine people in abundance.


  3. There is not enough money to honor our American Heros with a fly-over but plenty of money for the 0bamunist-in-chief to fly-over to Hawaii for an extended winter “vacation” leaving Mrs. 0bamunist to return seperately a week or so later. There is enough money for the 0bamunist-in-chief to fly-over to California to play golf and promise a million or so to aleviate the “climate change” scam. 0bamunist priorities are all about the 0bamunist.

    1. I wish we had some congress-critters with enough “testicular fortitude” to impeach “dear leader” for treason (not abiding by the Constitution and ignoring established laws) and “get him” in front of a firing squad. If’n you’re gonna dream, …dream Big!

  4. Hats off to this detail.This SHOULD paint a picture that is readable to ALL American people!!!!!

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