The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People hosted Eric Holder in recent days to give a speech on restoring the voting rights of felons once they are released from custody.

We asked recently if the NAACP was becoming the National Association for the Advancement of Colored Perps after their chapter in the Northeast U.S. came out supporting Massachusetts State Representative facing expulsion from his elected office.  Then-Rep. Carlos Henriquez was convicted of beating his girlfriend for not giving him the sex he wanted.  She was a college student who met the good Carlos, son of Obama’s Assistant Secretary of something or another Sandra Henriquez.  The overwhelmingly Democrat-majority Massachusetts House expelled Henriquez – with only five voting to retain the scoundrel.

The New England Area Chapter (NEAC) of the NAACP’s President Juan Cofield urged Massachusetts State Representatives to retain Henriquez’s, comparing the beating of a woman who wouldn’t have sex to jaywalking.

So, here’s the NAACP hosting Eric Holder, the paragon of integrity, virtue and color-blindness, now pushing to grant voting rights to felons – well, specifically black felons, as he’s lamenting that more than 20% of blacks in some states can’t vote (for Democrats) because of felony convictions.

Hey Eric, if you want to talk about restoration of civil rights, if we are going to consider offering restoration of voting rights, shouldn’t we also consider restoration of Second Amendment civil rights for reformed felons as well?



Eric, are you still there?

Is that crickets chirping?

Here’s a clip from the Washington Post.

Reason Why Holder Suddenly Wants Felons To Vote: More Than 20% of Blacks In Swing States Can’t Vote Because They’ve Been Convicted of a Felony…

In Florida, more than one in five black adults can’t vote. Not because they lack citizenship or haven’t registered, but because they have, at some point, been convicted of a felony.

The Sunshine State’s not alone. As in Florida, more than 20 percent of black adults have lost their right to vote in Kentucky and Virginia, too, according to the Sentencing Project, a group that advocates for reforms to sentencing policy that reduces racial disparities.

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  1. When he pushs words out of his mouth, it’s like your in the country down wind of a full outhouse needing to be moved.

  2. Typical liberal scum, wanting rights for criminals but never doing anything for the law abiding. Holder is a total disgrace and still has the blood on his hands from Fast and Furious.

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