Deonta Dwight Mackey CITGO gas station shooting off duty Chicago cop.

Just days ago, a Cook County Sheriff’s Deputy Sergeant was gassing up his car in Chicago when three young choirboys showed up on the scene.   One, Deonta Mackey, age 16, pointed a gun at the police officer and demanded his money and his valuables.  Another punk moved to flank the cop and serve as a lookout while a third went to the passenger side of the car and started rifling through the car looking for valuables that didn’t belong to him.

The deputy pulled his gun and shot Deonta in the brain housing group, causing him to fall to the ground while Deonta’s two accomplices suffered sudden and acute bladder and bowel evacuation as they exfiltrated the area.

It was a good video.  We’ve got the full color one here.  And there’s another one here, with some additional stuff.

(Critics of our take on the video:  He got what he had coming to him, period.  No, we will save our sympathy for people who deserve it.)



Daddy Deonta

You haven’t read this in the mainstream media (yet), but we let our internet sleuthing go to work for us.

You probably noticed the headline.

We’re referring to Deonta Mackey.  Age 33.  The man we strongly suspect is Deonta Mackey, Age 16’s daddy.

What are the odds that there are two Deonta Mackeys, with an age spread of about 16 or 17 years, living in the same city with the same chosen occupation of sorts?

Yes, sir.  The apple didn’t fall far from the tree if this is as we believe.  This whole family seems no stranger to the criminal justice system.

Daddy was a real peach – er, make that perv.  Check out this news report from 2012 from the “Chicago News Report“:

Deonta Mackey apologized to woman during Rogers Park home invasion, says police
Written By Chicago News Report on Sunday, April 8, 2012 | 4/08/2012 10:00:00 PM

I’m sorry I almost raped you?!

With his penis exposed, 31-year-old Deonta Mackey apologized to his victim after he mounted her during a North Side break-in, reports the Chicago Tribune.

On February 27, 2012, Mackey, who also uses the name Frederick Lipscomb, broke into a home on the 6600 block of North Glenwood Avenue in Rogers Park, said police.

While there, Mackey pulled out his penis and climbed on top of a 25-year-old sleeping woman… when the woman screamed, the 31-year-old alleged pervert apologized and ran out the back door, said investigators.

In addition to the Glenwood Avenue home invasion, Mackey has been accused of committing a similar crime on the 1200 block of West North Shore Avenue back in March.


Thankfully they caught him.

From the Illinois Department of Corrections website.

Sadly though, this is Illinois.

He was convicted not of attempted criminal sexual assault, home invasion, or a host of other crimes, but of:

MFG/DEL 15<100 GR COCA/ANALOG  (Drug dealing Cocaine-based drugs)

MANU/DEL COCAINE/SCH/PUB HS/PK (Drug dealing near a school, public housing or a park)

18+ DEL SUB<18/PK/SCH/PUB HS (Drug dealing to kids in a park, school or public housing project, as we understand this)

AMT NARC SCHED I/II/SCH/HS/PK (We don’t know what this is…  probably possession of drugs in school, public housing or park.  Maybe our cop friends can help us on this.)

And one last charge.

Wait for it…

I know you’re not gonna believe it.

FELON POSS/USE WEAPON/FIREARM (Felon in possession of a gun)

He went in in May 2013.

He’s due out on parole on 10/7/2015.

He’s due out in just over two years on crimes with sentences of 8, 6, 4, 4 and 4 years each.

Welcome to Illinois prison time.  Thank you Governor Quinn.


Baby Deonta:  “quiters will never get no where in life”

Lil’ baby Deonta was a Gangster Disciple street gang thug.  We’re betting he’s been arrested once or twice, just like his daddy.

Deonta posted a blog in 2012.

It might have been for a school assignment because it consists of a single post.  And it was posted about the time the guy we suspect was his daddy was out breaking into women’s homes and masturbating then trying to rape them.

High school athletes
Hi, My name is Deonta Mackey. I am a student at Corliss High School. Today I am writing a blog about athletes at Corliss High School. I wanted to create this blog to tell you about the athletes at Corliss high school; I am one of them and its a lot more. At Corliss high school we dont quit; we work hard as we can to get better cause quiters will never get no where in life. Corliss High School has good programs to get better at stuff. I will like you to go visit our website so you can read about more stuff that has gone on at Corliss High School.


You know, instead of bringing back the death penalty, maybe we should just install a wood chipper out back of some of these courthouses.

And meanwhile, Sheriff Tom Dart is throwing all sorts of resources, energy and publicity at concealed carry license applicants when we’ve got people like Deonta Mackey (age 16) roaming around the city with pretty much impunity.

Could it be Dart is impotent at real crime, so he fabricates a red herring to distract from real crime in his county?




11 thoughts on “Choirboys IV: Deonta Mackey’s apples didn’t fall far from the tree”
  1. A one year IDOC sentence is in reality 61 days. If they have county time, they get day for day credit. It is ENTIRELY possible to get a felony, take the plea deal and just go for the bus ride to Joliet, get processed and released the next day.

    The justice system in IL is a Paper Tiger!! They do not have the money. They do not have the space or staff, and the staff they still have they are trying to screw out of their pensions, an entirely different story. These mutts are sent back in front of the same ‘judges’ over and over on new cases and nothing is really done. You would not believe how much you have to screw up to get INTO prison!!

  2. So here’s a message to all black mammys in da hood: If you name your kid Deonta, there is a 100% chance that he’ll either be DEAD or in prison by age 20.

    Like naming your daughter “STAR,” “Starla,” or “Starlet,” or any other derivative………..she’s gonna be a stripper, like it or not.

  3. Glad to see one less scumbag on the streets. hope the 2 buddies find their way into the ground soon as well.

  4. This dirt bag went to my high school. Search Winnebago county and see the list of his arrests and false names. Dumb jig was arrested for pushing a police officer in high school lunch line. An assault only a black would be proud of. Little b got maced and cried.

  5. Where did you obtain this info in regards to Deonta’s father? Is this a joke? Deonta is my second cousin and his father is my first cousin. He is not a junior therefore his father’s name is not Deonta. Please get your facts straight. Thanks

  6. The guy in the “selfie” is CLEARLY not the same guy from the IDOC pic…smh…not all black people look alike!! And really!? The sarcastic undertone…was that really necessary!?

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