Three choir boys try to pull an armed robbery of an off-duty Cook County Deputy Sergeant.

It doesn’t go so well for the leader of the pack.

Oh, wait!  They weren’t choir boys?

See for yourselves

To the reporter:  Honey, sources tell him that “young teen” won’t pull any more armed robberies!



The raw video from Police One…  with a box blurring the good stuff.

These thugs were brazen little bastards.  The only thing the cop did wrong was not get all three.

Anyone with the unedited video, please send us a link.

7 thoughts on “Choirboys, part II: Good guy with gun thwarts trio of ghetto thugs”
  1. Well, give it a few days before the family speaks out against the off-duty cop for using ‘excessive force’ because their “baby was a good boy and he ain’t into none of the no good gang stuff.”

  2. Yeah, choirboys. I don’t know which church you go to. Our choirboys don’t stick their guns in peoples faces and take what doesn’t belong to them.

    Well done, officer.

  3. With the increase of Conceal carry the numbers change for the Wolves versus Sheep to be butchered. The wolves will be the ones stepping into the trap.

  4. On one hand, I wish he’d gotten the other two.

    On the other hand, I feel for him. Shooting someone, even if they’re a punk scumbag, is probably kinda traumatic. Being right there as that thug on the ground was twitching around like a zombie trying to get up would be something to give you nightmares.

  5. Why aren’t there any white teenagers in, say, Keokuk, Iowa doing this?

    Why is it always the black yoots?

    What does Ann Coulter say: “When there is a 100% chance, it ceases to be a profile; it’s called a description of the suspect!”? (With regard to musloon terrorists, of course).

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