Sounds like Monique is under-promising hoping to over-deliver.

We’ve heard nothing directly contradictory to this from anyone we trust, but it seemed as though ISP would begin mailing permits out in the next two- to three-weeks at most, not mid-March as Monique Bond was quoted as saying in this story.

Also, we know they have “approved” a whole slew of early applicants, but are holding issuance of licenses until they “feel” as though cops in IL have had a chance to watch a new Illinois Law Enforcement Training Standards Board video on interacting with CCW holders.

As though that’s a difficult quantum physics problem to solve.

(Daily Herald) – The first applicants seeking to carry concealed handguns in public could have their permits by mid-March, Illinois State Police spokeswoman Monique Bond said Thursday.

“We’re probably looking at some permits being issued after the first couple weeks in March,” Bond said. “It’s a possibility.”

As of Thursday, 16,800 people from area counties filed concealed carry applications. There is a $150 fee for the permit.

5 thoughts on “State Police say permits coming mid-March”
  1. you’ll get your permission slip when we’re darn good and ready and not a second before, now pick up that can citizen …

  2. I’m a pro police officer kind of guy, but any police officer that doesn’t know how to interact with a citizen who’s been vetted by this process shouldn’t be wearing the shield.

    Come on now. CCW licensed citizens have proven themselves via the FOID card process, by ISP background checks, by waiting 30 days for a local PD to say they’re OK, and even by the Feds in a background check.

    If I was driving a patrol car, I’d be relieved to learn I just stopped a certified good guy instead of an “unknown”. I think I could figure out how to “interact” with him.

    Is there any way that mere citizens can also view that training video? I’d kinda like to know how they are being trained to behave.

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