Diane Sawyer is on the case of the “epidemic” of accident gun deaths among children in the Friday, January 31 episode of 20/20.

According to the CDC, there were 28 deaths involving firearms accidents in 2010.


And because of that, Diane Sawyer is trying to gin up support for parents to ask the families of kids where their children play if they have guns in their homes.

Why do gun control proponents always

Instead of trying to manipulate people like Diane Sawyer is trying to do in her hatchet job report, why not try to educate people with the truth?  We should all want people to understand the truth so we will all be better, smarter citizens.

If 28 children under 10 years old dying in firearm accidents is an “epidemic”, then what is the 602 children under 10 who died by drowning that same year.

Should parents instead ask if their kids’ playmates have a pool at home instead of a gun?

262 kids died in fires and almost a thousand died in car wrecks.

1537 children under 10 died from abuse and neglect that year.

Here’s Dana’s piece.  She does great work.

It’s no wonder people of the Left are so scared and intimated by her.



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  1. Eric Holder needs to watch the what ever you want to call it, I think propaganda release, and charge the producers with child endangerment for letting those kids handle the guns, hell one was looking down the barrel.

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