Law enforcement agencies may object to individual applicants who they believe are a danger to themselves or others in the community.

Applicants have all passed the background check for a FOID card.

You can check and see where your county/city is at on this map from the Chicago Sun-Times.

From Central Illinois:

Hoopeston PD has objected to three applications.  Hoopeston.  Population 5,200.

Bloomington PD has objected to 12.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot in both cases.  They seem a little over-the-top to say the least.

We hope there isn’t an institutional bias against concealed carry in these objections at these agencies.

Here’s the link:

3 thoughts on “CCW Objections… track ’em”
  1. This means of obstruction circumvents the due process required to permanently disable a right.

    1) conviction of a crime of violence
    2) adjudication of a pathological propensity to violence
    3) involuntary commitment for a violent pathology

    There ain’t no constitutional cut-out for cops who “object”.

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