Oh yeah, and while we’re embedding videos, check this one out.

Argue with a judge, spend time in jail.

Tell a judge “F-you”, spend a lot of time in jail.

Here’s a priceless three minute video for you.

It’s a little humorous watching a disrespectful, mouthy woman get her come-unpins.  Skip the first minute to get to the meat of it.

“How you jist gunna tell me I can’t go home?!”  …”I betcha I do!”

“Ebony Burks earned the dubious distinction earlier this month of drawing the longest jail sentence that Elyria Municipal Court Judge Gary Bennett has ever handed down for contempt of court.”


5 thoughts on “Colion Noir and Dom Raso: Obama, China and our guns & a bonus clip”
  1. The second video was priceless. Even my wife enjoyed it.

    Don’t tell anyone, but we both giggled like teenage girls watching the last couple of exchanges.


  2. I got no use for mouthy black women, but that judge should be disposed of. That’s the height of judicial arrogance. and, might I add, probably a LOT more racist than george zimmerman shooting the little black gangbanger who was trying to kill him. Twenny bucks says most if not all of this “sentence” is overturned when the acLU gets involved.

  3. Good luck, Ken.

    Appeals courts have given wide latitude to judges in how they run their courtrooms.


  4. Best guess is he will call her back into his court in 30-60 days and see if she’s at all regretful and/or apologetic. In other words, has she learned her lesson or does she need more time to ponder her demeanor to judges.


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