In the print issue of GunNews, the editor emeritus made a mistake and wrote the Liberty Guns Remodeling Open House was February 14 & 15, when it was really February 21 & 22.

Here’s the corrected information:

Remodeling Open House
February 21 & 22 from 10am-5pm both days.  There will be food, prizes and special deals, along with greatly expanded retail space.

Valentine’s Day Special
Also Feb 14th and 15th:  Come in for a sweetheart deal for your Valentine.  We have all kinds of guns of color, or not, for your ladies pleasure, also carrying the Flash Bang holster line.


See their website at Liberty Guns & for more information.

We regret the error.

2 thoughts on “CORRECTION: Liberty Guns Remodeling Open House slated for Feb. 21 & 22”
  1. When talking about something such as this article, it is a good idea that somewhere in the article you tell the location of a business ie: town and/or county. I had to follow the link to find out where I would find Liberty Guns and Ammo.

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