Apparently there were sales to die for as three people are dead after a crazed, bad man with evil in his heart and a gun in his hands barged into a posted “NO GUNS” mall in Maryland and killed two people dead before offing himself today.

The mall where it happened, The Columbia Mall, is a gun-free zone.

That sure worked pretty well, didn’t it?

Remember this the next time you think about whether or not you want to visit a high-risk “no gun” zone.

6 thoughts on “Three dead in Maryland “NO GUNS” mall attack”
  1. Sales to die for? Really? That’s disrespectful toward those who were shot and killed.
    Ire directed at the gun free zone is one thing and legitimate but that comment was out of line. Think of it as a stray bullet or bullet fragment – as in unintentional but a shooter is still responsible for errant impacts.

    I suggest an apology or at least a rewrite.
    Yes people should oppose gun free zones but they certainly don’t deserve to die and then be chastised for entering something as simple as a store.

    While it might have sounded cute at the time, it is exactly the opposite kind of thing that should be coming from the pro gun side of the equation. The crazy man targeted shoppers, and you guys do too? Seriously? Wow.

    1. Don’t have a baby!!! The author is just trying to make a point. If you don’t like it, don’t read it!!!

    2. Rather than ranting, how about simply responding to the author’s question:

      That sure worked pretty well, didn’t it?

  2. The families of the victims in these “gun-free” zones need to start hitting the owners that posted the areas “gun-free” in the pocketbooks, …lawsuits for wrongful deaths because of lax “security”. If an area is posted as “gun-free” and a bad guy with a gun and evil intent is allowed in, it is just as much the responsibility of the owners as it is the perpetator for enforcing an unarmed victim, free-fire zone for the bad guy. What is odd about this shooting is the perp killed himself without being confronted, looks more like murder-suicide to me, maybe after more information surfaces, like the relationship between the bad guy and the victims, we’ll find out it wasn’t another “random” shooting, but still, …a waste of life with victims unable to defend themselves.

    1. You are absolutely right on that post my friend. The Azana Spa in the Milwaukee suburb of New Berlin also had a gun free zone sign posted on the front door to which, of course, the puke that killed 3 or 4 people couldn’t read and obviously didn’t follow the law. The CCW law in Wisconsin has a part of it that allows for businesses to be sued for any damage for their restriction of the gun laws that caused the damage.

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