Maryland’s governor Martin O’Malley and China’s Chairmain Mao: Both proponents of civilian disarmament.

Well, guess how Maryland Governor Oh-Mao-Lee sold his litany of strict gun control initiatives in early 2013?

The threat of gun violence “will never go away,” O’Malley said, “but the actions we take may well prevent another tragedy like that in Newtown, Connecticut. . . . It is possible we can make a difference.”

And, Governor, it’s possible your state’s strict gun control was the reason this angry ex-boyfriend of one of the victims thought he could get away with murdering her and her new boyfriend without any meaningful resistance.

He brought a Mossberg 500 pump-action shotgun into a “No Guns” mall, pulled it out of a skateboard bag in a dressing room, then hunted down the defenseless victims and shot them with buckshot in cold blood.  He then, being the brave soul he was (that’s sarcasm there), turned the gun on himself.


4 thoughts on “Maryland Gov. O’Malley: “the actions we take may well prevent another tragedy like that in Newtown””
  1. The term wishworld works for these mental midgets too. I suspect gun free zones are just an evil tool to provide a steady supply of constant tradgedys for those politicians who shamelessly use them to mishape public opinion. They KNOW mass shootings have INCREASED because these murdering COWARDS want to be safe until they get what they are after. A VERY HIGH BODY COUNT WHICH IS ONLY LIKELY IF THERE’S NO ONE WHO CAN STOP THEM. THE GOOD GUY WITH A GUN DOESN’T COME INTO PLAY IN A KILLING FIELD CALLED A “GUN FREE ZONE.” Politicians who support this are nothing more than MONSTERS. Those who do nothing about these zones are more or as guilty as the murderers themselves. END THIS MADNESS AND THROW THEM OUT OF OFFICE.

  2. the spin I heard earlier is that the damage was reduced because he couldn’t purchase an AR,so the bans are a big success.Politicians,we need term limits now and let them by the bs they enact.

  3. So, this guy went to a Federal Firearm Licensed dealer, passed a NICS background check, bought a shotgun which NO ONE wants to ban, went to a mall where no guns were allowed, and killed two people and himself, using well under the lowest magazine capacity limits of even New York?

    And what laws do they want now?

  4. Let the honest man conceal and carry in this state and would be criminals would think twice. They are willing to shoot them selves not get shot. To stop this vicious circle conceal and carry. You don’t see these type of crimes in leagal conceal and carry states. Won’t happen

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