We’re going to need a LOT more snow than we’ve been recently having to cover up the senseless violence plaguing Chicago for Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his police superintendent Garry “Streetlight Assassin” McCarthy.

As a light snow falls, Chicago police officer video records a dead body and the scene of the fatal shooting in the 4900 block of Huron Street in Chicago on Friday, Jan. 17, 2014. (Photo and caption courtesy Terrence Antonio James/Chicago Tribune)

Fudging crime stats can only do so much to fool the public.  People still see dead bodies in the streets.  The families who haven’t been victimized themselves still hear from their friends and neighbors how violent crime has touched them in today’s Chicago, home of Illinois’ strictest gun control measures – and the lowest per-capita application rate for concealed carry licenses.

Interestingly enough, east central Illinois’ Cumberland County (just south of Coles County, home of Eastern IL University) has the state’s highest per-capita application rate, exactly five times that of Chicago (51/100k vs. 10.2/100k).

If guns cause crime, as Mom’s Demand Action (hint: go to a singles bar, ladies) and Kiddie-porn Mayors Against (Illegal) Guns would suggest, then where are the photos of all the dead bodies in Cumberland County?  If you thought, “I bet they don’t have any because they don’t have strict, Chicago-style gun control in Cumberland County!” you would win the cookie.

No, in Chicago, for the most part, only bad guys have guns.  Bad guys with evil in their heart as a couple of college students found out this past week.  The pair found out that just “giving them what they want” isn’t necessarily the solution to dealing with criminal thugs.

(Chicago Tribune) –Kevin Baker and his cousin had just handed over their cell phones to the robbers when one of them had a question for the 19-year-old: What gang was he rolling with?

“My nephew was sorta stunned,” Patricia Butler said this morning, a day after the shooting. “He was like, ‘Huh?’ It stunned him. Before he could let it out, they shot him. They surprised him. He ain’t in no gang.”

Baker was struck in the head and the abdomen, Butler said. A woman who was walking about half a block away called 911 and Baker was taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center, where he was listed in critical condition.

Butler said the cousin, 22, is “totally, totally traumatized.”

“But she’s a strong young woman,” Butler said, and even drove the rest of the family to the hospital.


3 thoughts on “CHICAGO ISN’T SAFE: Violent crime coverup in Chicago isn’t working, student shot in head after surrendering phone”
  1. Rahm Emanuel and that drunk he has for a police supt. are a total joke and severely incompetent. the city is rampant with murders and attack and it’s all from the same group: black gang members. the motive is the rampant drug trade. sometimes just for fun like the kid killed for his phone. it’s rare to see an arrest for the most part. strangely the stinking city has about 2000 cameras but they obviously don’t work. you’ll never hear of a plan to clean this mess up. vote Rahm out.

  2. Cell phone robberies are routinely sentenced and re sentenced to probation in the unlikely event they are caught. It’s NOT working!

  3. If you name the problem you are labled a racist. It has nothing to do with racism. It has to do with black street gangs. The murder rate in Chicago has nothing to do with gun ownership.

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