Wounded Warriors Project earned our ire about a year ago when they made it clear they didn’t want to partner with gun owners to help them fundraise.  Or Christians (read on).

More recently, they sued a tiny, all-volunteer “Help Indiana Veterans” group for calling them out on the tens of millions WWP spends on salaries and the paltry three or four pennies on the dollar they apparently spend on actual grants.

Word of Wounded Warriors Project and its shameful scam-like handling of monies is spreading, thanks in part to a report at the huge “Veterans Today” blogsite.

Wounded Warriors Project A Legal Scam

by Alex Graham
(Veterans Today) – As we are coming to find out, wounded Vets are big money. Considering I’m 146% disabled, I’m trying to figure out how to tap into this. The only thing I can see is to start my own 501(c)(3) and start cooking the books with a big $300 K a year salary for my work. Member and eagled-eyed scrutinizer Bruce spotted this heartbreaking article. Just when we thought it was safe to come out of the woods after the last news of the Big Six VSOs padding their bank accounts on the backs of all our disabled, along comes this article and investigation revealing nothing is sacred among thieves.

If you were thinking about donating to the Wounded Warrior Project, think twice. It would behoove you to get in your car and drive cross-country to deliver the funds to the charity you hope to help. More money would end up in their hands than entrusting it to the WWP for disbursement. The Beatles song Tax Man comes to mind- Here’s one for you, nineteen for me. Here’s what I received. It’s ugly.

I’m really sad to read this about the Wounded Warrior Project. I have definitely been a supporter up to now. The attached 2011 990 tax return is a real eye opener! For one, that’s a lot of BIG salaries they are paying at the first and apparently the second (outsourced) level for executive compensation! Obviously it’s not only corporations that can get greedy.


Initially they refused to even appear on Tom Gresham’s GunTalk radio show.

Then, after a backlash of angry gun owner backlash via social media and the web, Wounded Warriors reversed course and said they would appear.

The appearance on the radio show was a complete and utter trainwreck and was ended earlier than planned after their well-paid executive director Steve “Money Money Money” Nardizzi said gun owner partnership was unwelcome.  Here’s our report immediately after the radio interview, which was heard by tens, if not hundreds of thousands of gun owners.

Nardizzi, for being so well-paid, utterly fumbled.

He tried to spin his way out of the mess but only managed to spin himself in deeper, offering all sorts of weak excuses why WWP couldn’t partner with gun-related sponsors.  He cited sponsorships with cyclists and how WWP had cut back on those sponsorships because of some sort of inferior return on investment.

Gresham pressed Nardizzi, saying that WWP had even changed language on their website from firearms to the more incendiary word “weapon”.

Nardizzi offered every excuse imaginable, but in the end Gresham pinned him down as saying that while gun owners are absolutely welcome to send money to WWP, they could not use the logo.

Gresham said that sounds an awful lot like WWP not wanting to associate with gun owners.  “We’ll take your money, but we don’t want to be seen with you,” Gresham said, paraphrasing him.

Nardizzi tried to deny this, but it was a lost cause to anyone with half a lick of common sense and intelligence.

“We’ll take your money and you can do fundraisers for us, but we won’t let you use our logo!” Tom says, mocking Nardizzi’s attempts to spin the truth.

Looking back, I think it was truly God’s work that led us to this discovery, as according to their IRS filings, in 2011 it would seem as though they only gave a little over $5 million in grants on nearly $150 million in income.

Speaking of God, it’s not just gun people that Wounded Warriors Project doesn’t want to be seen with – it’s Christians too.   That’s right.  They don’t want affiliations with  Christian-based groups either.

Fundraiser at the Playboy Mansion? No problem (twice, in fact).

Fundraiser at a church?  Can’t have that.

It’s up to you to whom you give your hard-earned charitable contributions.

Is Wounded Warrior Project worthy?  That’s up to you.


184 thoughts on “Wounded Warriors Project called legal scam as scandalous news spreads”
  1. It is a shame that such a deserving “cause” has such greedy and corrupt “officials”. The local Veteran’s groups are more deserving of support as they are more apt to help local Veterans and do so with local volunteers. Support local VFWs, American Legions, and military groups associated with them, such as the local Marine Corp League.

    1. Unfortunately this article is basically true. WWP experienced such explosive growth due to the public’s support for our troops yet their executive leadership never changed and are not suited for leading such an endeavor. This is hubris. Their Chief Development Officer, Adam Silva is well compensated yet this is the ONLY job he has ever had that was not given to him by a family member after a pitiful attempt at military service. He is an egomaniac that truly brings nothing to the table.
      All of the executive leadership is lackluster with no real world experience. A couple of slimy NewYork Lawyers with Nardizzi and Girodano, the #1 and #2 in the organization. NOBODY at the executive level has any previous corporate or executive experience.
      They spend a tremendous amount on galas just to simply make more money and rub elbows with whatever celebrities are on the payroll that year. They spend exceedingly large amounts of money on extravagant corporate meetings every year. Their corporate travel is completely unregulated and frivolous often traveling a full day for a hour long meeting. They service less than 10% of the warrior population with mediocre programs. This is verifiable. Their database of warriors is paltry, they do nothing. They are an organization that spends money to make money with little or no substantive value returned.
      WWP is unfortunately an organization that started with great intentions and through explosive growth and greed ran amuck.

    2. Absolutely! All the guy does is sit in his office on Facebook all day pretending to work. He is truly an empty seat. His previous jobs were handed to him by family members that probably felt sorry for him. He is a total sham…

    3. Adam Silva is well compensated yet this is the ONLY job he has ever had that was not given to him by a family member after a pitiful attempt at military service. He is an egomaniac that truly brings nothing to the table.
      All of the executive leadership is lackluster with no real world experience. A couple of slimy NewYork Lawyers with Nardizzi and Girodano, the #1 and #2 in the organization. NOBODY at the executive level has any previous corporate or executive experience. Who else does this sound like ?

    4. Chaosoffroad.com/hero
      Hi guys, we are disgusted by all this, my husband was in the army and this all hits close to home. We have started our own organization called Chaos Hero Project, its a very unique approach to truly help people. Please learn more about it at chaosoffroad.com/hero. Thank you.

    5. Good to know you all have your facts right correct about Mr. Silva. He is the most honest person I have ever met. He is intelligent and caring. Hide behind a blog user name whilst you call someone out for making a living just screams coward

      Jimmy Oliver

    6. Jimmy,

      Good to know you proofread: “have all your facts right correct”? You discredited yourself as a moron in the first sentence.
      Apparently you have no facts at all. I’m sure you’re part of the LAX cult. Were you aware that Silva personally profited from LAX “fundraisers” for WWP? Cash in his pocket.
      I work with him and until recently worked for him. I see what goes on here. Just because he’s your cuddle buddy doesn’t change the facts. He is a no talent clown who was given every job he has ever had because he couldn’t make it in the real world. He’s an overmedicated washed up drunk.

    7. call your bank/cc company and tell them you no longer authorize if you contribute via a monthly re-occuring charge.

    8. If you want a great organization to donate to, check out the Warrior Thunder Foundation based out of Massachusetts. A small absolutely non-profit that raises money for wounded soldiers, veterans, and their families. It is completely volunteer based, and all funds go directly towards helping our military. It’s a great organization and I think everyone should at least check them out.

    9. Donate to the American Legion. All donations go directly into the charity fund that is designated. Check out http://www.legion.org There are several funds like Operation Comfort Warrior and The Legacy Scholarship fund.

    10. Sadly, but true. Just like the Army itself, the system works, is just who’s in charge of the system that always F*#@s it up for the rest.

    11. I have a better idea. Use your own leg work and cut out the middle man. Find your local veteran’ project, the local V.A. or through the V.F.W., find a real person who is disabled and give an annonymous gift. I think any vet would love to have a fishing trip. There are lots of fishing guides (rivers and the ocean) who will do this type of thing gratis or at a reduced cost.

    12. The biggest shame is this page thinking Wounded Warrior Project has some kind of religious obligation.

    13. Where did the article state WWP has a religious obligation? It states that WWP wants nothing to do with Christian organizations as partners. In other words, WWP is declining help from a group that is willing to help. Why? There is a big difference in refusing help from a religions organization then being told they are obliged to accept that help. As a “charity” one would think that help from religious organizations would be very welcome.

    14. Read the article. The only religious affiliation they have is worshipping money! Your comment makes no sense.

  2. With organizations like taking advantage of the veterans and the American people who support them, it’s time to remind the people of the good work of the USO and the VFW in your local town and around the world. I have had a drink and a good meal in some pretty far away places and a great welcome home from those same places many times in my life. They are there to help the soldiers and families without stealing from them.
    Shame on Wounded Warrior Project and hopefully the people will see them for what they are and the will be gone.

    1. And your Local American Legion, they do even way more than the VFW. I am a member of both. The AL helps all military personal and ordinary people in the community that need he

    2. True that, I am an AL Rider and even WE have donated to WWP. I hope to hell this is untrue! I have a AF Bro who is a member of WWP and he’s benefited from the program from the beginning.

    3. I called them for help and was told that my 20 years of service and 14 as a Paratrooper/ Jump Master was all pre 9/11 so I was not considered a Warrior in the the WWP. WWP is only for
      post 9/11 Veterans…. Sad but true….. I used to donate to them as well

    4. I am crying with embarassment for our VETS our true wounded warriors…I am discusted that their cant be a safe place for anyone these days. Greed has taken from every avenues of our lives. Liers, cheaters, thieves… makes me sick what our country has become.

  3. While we normally wouldn’t respond to false claims from an offensive website like Veterans Today which posts anti-Semitic views and conspiracy theories, we feel it important to provide accurate information, since anyone can twist numbers. The claim that WWP does little, if any, direct support of wounded veterans and programs is false. WWP has 19 direct programs and services such as Family Support Programs, Combat Stress Recovery Program and Transition Training Academy that veterans and their families participate in every day. The article also makes claims that based on our 2011 990, we spent $95 million on administrative and fundraising costs and less than 10% of donations actually reached wounded veterans. That is absolutely incorrect. If you actually read our 990 here http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org/media/477620/wwp-900-fy-2012.pdf, (page 10) you will see it reflects $95.5 million in TOTAL expenses including 69.5 million spent on our programs and services. Moreover, the IRS form 990 does not present a complete picture of donations and expenditures the way independently audited financials do, and it does nothing to measure impact. Based on Wounded Warrior Project’s fiscal year 2012 audited financial statements, 81.6 percent of total expenditures goes directly to our programs and services for wounded veterans and their families.

    1. “it reflects $95.5 million in TOTAL expenses including 69.5 million spent on our programs and services.” ….Where does the other 26 MILLION go?

    2. Good question, DLMG. With all thats going on today. I will not donate to WMP, anymore. we have in the past but no more. I dont trust them now. Also, they did NOTHING to stop veterans benefits from being cut either. So much for their phony organization.

    3. The WWP is a fantastic organization that has done extraordinary things working in helping veterans of our wars coming back with horrible amputations and other injuries. Gordon Duff, the VT senior editor and chairman of the board is a crazy anti semetic bigot. He says things like 9/11 attacks were by the Israelis, and that the recent Sandy Hook Shootings were revenge killings by orchestrated by the Israelis. They even published articles that deny the Holocaust and the gas chambers. The article, written by VT columnist J. Bruce Campbell in May 2011, states that:

      “ “The holy gas chamber is a fake. Which makes the entire Holocaust story a fake. You can study it for a day or for a lifetime and your conclusion will be the same. There was never a plan for exterminating Jews and there was never an instrument. As Professor Robert Faurisson has asked for years, ‘Show me a gas chamber. Draw for me a gas chamber.’ It can’t be done because there was never such a thing.”
      So you tell me if your going to believe some crap that was published from the VT about the Wounded Warrior Program?

    4. Do you have any idea how many people they employ or how fundraisers work?

      You can’t send our Christmas cards asking for money and raise the kind of funds that they have.

    5. Cut to the Chase. what does the CFO, and the rest of the Officers get paid. If it is reasonable I will continue to donate. I understand that commercials cost money but many Corp. write that off so How much do the Officers make?

    6. President of WWP gets paid over 300k per year.. Ohh and by they way.. You have to pay WWP to fundraise for them.. They are a complete scam.. Support smaller groups such as Luke’s Wings or Operation Ward 57.. Maybe Yellow Ribbon Fund if you want your money to make real impact.

    7. You have any idea how to run a giant large sized business, work 60 hour work weeks, and you want this business to not have a shit hot CEO?

      $300,000 for running a business this size is nothing. Welcome to the business world

    8. Christian the statement you made about you have to pay WWP to raise funds for them it false, I belong to a car club for the last 5 years we have raised funds and they go directly to Colorado WWP I get a statement of where every penny of the money we raise goes too. We have never paid WWP a penny.

    9. The CEO of WWP lives in a multi million dollar home in Pknte Vedra Beach Florida in the luxurious Sawgrass Country Club.

    10. Funny, none of the board of the group I am apart of get paid anything…many of our items get donated, or volunteers pay for things to get the word out. Not a one of us gets paid for what we do for our vets…. http://WWW.4w2h.org .check it out, they are amazing!

    11. of course WWP never responds, your excuses are thin. How much does all of that advertising cost, why does Nardizzi feel the need to take such a huge salary, why do your local offices rival those of fortune 500 companies, why does WWP not want direct support from the firearms industry–WWP used to take a free booth at SHOT Show…

    12. I am an actual Vet in need, and have asked WWP for help, the ONLY thing I got back from the was asking me to donate more money to them!!

    13. I am a disabled combat veteran who served in Iraq. I can’t speak for WWP, but I can say that wounded warrior battalion did a lot for my family and I before I was medically retired. As far as donating, I prefer to give to the Semper Fi fund. On multiple occasions SFF has helped me out financially with no questions asked. They seem to be truly FOR us vets.

    14. I agree semper fi fund is outstanding.as a father of a wounded marine I can say they help to buy his disabled van,donated to his home and once he was retired and the VA was giving him the run around about a new wheel chair that bought it for him flat out

    15. I agree with you a 100% warrior. Semper Fi Fund is a amazing group that has helped me and my spouse out a lot when I was unemployed. Wounded warrior battalion is another good group. How come everyone start sending your donation to these two groups instead of WWP

    16. So $69.5M program expense plus $5M grants…that’s still less than 50% of $150M income getting to the vets. Not good enough!

    17. Look how much revenue was estimated to come in, and how much was a surplus. That’s all money sitting in the bank, kinda like successful businesses don’t spend 100% of their revenue. You need someone to keep building upon, and in case post-Afghan war, people start forgetting about veterans (like the usually do after wars), at least some groups like WWP still have some money to get the job done.

    18. 4×4, you know what it’s like to run this kind of org? Offices running in 13 states, performing more than 20 soldier rides a year, gear and logistics, etc? Sounds like a ton of shit talking, with hot air

    19. And your response to WWF refusal to partner with firearms manufacturers or churches? Are you that far removed from those for whom you claim to assist? As veteran of over 21 years in the Army, I do not donate to WWF but to the USO and SOF warriors, those that I know and trust, not something that has become a business and corrupt.

    20. WWP will never get a dime from me. There are much better ways to support our troops and wounded veterans than this bloated company.

    21. Anyone else notice wwp states that that the claims on there 2011 990 is false, and then provide us with their 2012 990 to prove it. How about you show us 2011 990?

    22. did you notice the person that claimed the 2011 990 shows they barely pay anything to veterans never actually posted the 2011 990 to prove it.

      why would ww have to prove something is wrong when it hasnt been proven right?

    23. I am a 50% disabled vet from Vietnam, but I never heard of someone being 146% disabled!!!

    24. The VA rates each disability. If you add each percentage together you can very easily come up with a percentage well over 100%. My husbands total ratings are over 200%. Thank God he is still highly functional.

    25. WWP, as a United States Marine, you are hereby notified and advised of the following:

      Your anti gun CRAP puts you in direct conflict with the Constitution of the United States and thereby constitutes making and identifying you as an enemy of such. I swore an oath to defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. That oath did not say…except Jews, Blacks, Muslims, Mexicans, etc, etc. That constitution also provides for this page to spew hate in the form of words if it so chooses…I defend their right to speak in a free nation, without passion or prejudice and without regard to my personal feelings on their personal and/or public belief system.

      What separates you from this page is the fact that I have heard your representative(s) actually say that they are, in fact, in favor of taking guns away from free citizens. But in the same speech or interview, SHE was asking for donations for your organization.

      I am declaring you an enemy of the United States of America and the Constitution. I do hereby declare that you are not welcome in this country and extend, for you, and invitation to go set up shop in North Korea or Iran. I’m sure they are more than happy to have such anti American scum to grace their ground.

      And with that, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns…please contact my secretary at 1-800-382-5633 and we can schedule a time to meet face to face.

    26. Nice try to deflect by putting up 2012’s tax sheet instead of the 2011! Common your trying to pull it over our eyes like the politicians! We are not dumb we are not sheep and we will not stand for this. My money and support goes to Camp Valor Outdoors a disabled veterans group that sponsors both gun hunts among other things. You guys are all about money and the simple fact that you try to deflect form this article of “2011” to put up 2012 is simply dishonest!

    27. I Served 20 years and all was Pre 9/11 14 as a paratrooper. Was told that I was not a Warrior. Went to your Facebook page to ask why, I was Blocked from making comments…. Please open your eyes America, we need you

    28. I just returned again from a wounded warrior event. True, only my second event, but none the less, they paid for EVERYTHING!! If you fucks would give something for the project to use so us vets can go somewhere, speak up and donate your resources. I’ll go anywhere, anytime to get away from the hell of shit in my head… all I hear is you fucks bashing a group that needs the resources you jackasses have but refuse to let use. I and other vets can only get to places that can accommodate wheelchairs, and such… so, either out up or stfu… ass chewing over

    29. Whats notable here is that with all the hundreds of millions the WWP takes in, its that they can only get a dozen or so wounded vets to defend them. You would think that with the kind of money they generate that thousands of veterans would be going public with all the good they claim to do. It not happening because they dont exist. Cherry picking 10-20 veterans and then using them in fancy commercials or as defenders on the internet along with paid employees doesnt cut it. According to your own 990’s you are nothing but a for profit business masquerading as a charity. Shameless !

  4. That boat sailed for me long ago. As a Christian, veteran, and gun owner, WWP will NEVER get a penny from me.

    1. Even though this article is complete bullshit lie? Have you researched the VT? Its a anti semite conspiracy theory website.. They say that 9/11 was the Israelis. They say that Sandy Hook was revenge killings by the Israelis. They even say that the Holocaust never happened and that the gas chambers never existed….are you freaking kidding me? Sounds like Iranian propaganda. haha

    2. Please refer to my post. My great grandparents were Jewish. That said, one of these entities are within the constitutional bounds, the other is not!

  5. So 81 percent goes to programs and services, how much of that actually reaches vets. How much of it goes to “run” these programs and services and is payed out in overinflated paychecks and bonuses. What kind of houses and cars do the people who run wounded warriors live in and drive? People getting rich and telling themselves they are great humanitarians by helping out lesser people in need just doesnt sit right with me.

    1. Joint cost allocation, Mike. It’s a beautiful thing if you want to write off fundraising expenses as “programs and services”.

      What is JCA?

      Example: On your fundraiser envelope, you’ll put something on the back like “Don’t forget our wounded warriors” and then write off the cost of the envelopes and printing costs, as well as the postage as “programs and services”… you know, reminding people not to forget our wounded warriors.

      Your question is spot on: How much reaches vets substantively, not in free trinkets like t-shirts and shorts emblazoned with WWP’s logo.

    2. I can tell you this,when wwp invites a vet to an event they only go half way.They only pay for the event and not for travel or hotel for these vets.So true they hold event but most vets Don’t come because they can’t afford the travel

    3. You know a fucking thing you’re talking about… advise you to stfu and return to you’re computer talking points…

  6. Where can they point to GSL posting anti-semetic sentiments?!?!?

    Ironically, as I write this post. a WWP commercial is airing in a top-dollar spot on FOX News…….again!

  7. Reason why I refuse to purchase WWP crap… This program is like AER, snobs taking advantage of wounded vets…

  8. What about your anwsers about why u won’t use gun companys to help you out or why we can do fun raises for u but not use your logo

  9. The same reason why I do not donate to Red Cross and United Way. The Salvation Army and Shriners Hospitals continually rank high for your money being used for what it is intended. I ALWAYS am suspicious of so called charities. Remember the sucking sound of contributions going into a black hole for the Haiti disaster? Bill Clinton and Bush hawking a fund and the money disappears and nothing happens as just one example. Scams abound. Fact of life. Sad.

  10. I have been a supporting member of WWP since I joined the military. I am still a member and plan on being one till the day I die. They have done nothing wrong be my family, myself and all of the vets that I know. If anything. They have only helped us continue to heal. All you fucking people see is the numbers. Then you want to piss and moan about shit that doesn’t even concern you. So why don’t you all shut your damn mouths and drive the fuck on.

    1. Jeff, if it is a small amount now and nobody noticed or cares they can continue to increase that amount to the point where services become poor and stop helping vets. Then vets will begin to piss and moan about them not doing anything because the money goes elsewhere. At that point no one will feel sorry about it because some saw it coming and nobody cares enough then so It wasn’t a big deal till it was too late.
      I am a vet, I wear their wrist band that says integrity on it 24/7 365….it’s their right to not choose sides and be neutral but they shouldn’t make a gain off of others losses. I don’t know the hard facts but that’s how I see it, devils advocate if you will.

    2. I’m glad you have been helped. But honestly, your point might be taken better if you would lay off the swearing. Anger is fine and sharing it is fine….but swearing is the lowest form of disagreement….

    3. yep…cussing and dropping “F” bombs are just a way of letting others see just those words and not the ones youare trying to defend… your educated, use verbs 😀

    4. Look here punk I was light infantry in the 25th, I live in San Antonio so I can make myself easy to find for you if you wanna look. People can say what they want and I happen to agree with what their saying as I posted below. I was combat wounded and the military channel did a documentary on my battalion because of our severe level of combat. So before you go acting like a tough guy cussing and barking orders at people on here I’m a retired infantry sgt and look me up if you wanna prove your metal instead of running your mouth.

    5. At Jon
      Get some killer I got your 6

      I’ve tried to go to WWP programs and all I get is” sorry you were not picked try again next time” Operation Homefront is another scam they like to collect donations but don’t help vets out. They always have excuses on why they can’t help you financially.

    6. i have tried to join but it seems like all i get is more ” we need this document or that document.” i have sent them more stuff than i did to the VA for my disability rating.

    7. You must be getting some of them numbers $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Few do get help and made poster children, splattered all over the TV and Posters .


    8. Jeff n I will both stand here and tell y’all to fuck off… I don’t want to be held by shitbags like y’all anyways… FUCK off…

  11. I thought something was wrong earlier last year when I was trying to set up a Duck Hunt in Nevada for wounded Veterans. I have the place, volunteers, gear, and pleanty of support. We just needed the vet. The only cost was their licenses and transportation to Vegas. I felt WWP was giving me the run around because they always needed “more details” It seemed like the person wanted to know at what time the ducks would be flying in.
    I got the feeling they just want you to send them money.

  12. It isn’t the project is how UR spending the $$$. What make you think you deserve over 300K salary … That money is for Warriors not U. If you can’t run the organization at a reasonable salary like maybe 80K than you got problems. Get out of the free money business and get a real JOB. If you are a VET you should be ashamed of yourself big time. I am a simple VET. It’s plain to see the folks running the organization are greedy. 150Million in and only 5Million to our warriors who sacrificed so much. That “SUCKS”.

  13. If you want to donate to any charitable cause. Always go local. Disabled American Vets has many local chapters you can donate to. This is the same scam that Wayne Purcell and the HSUS has been pulling for years with the tear jerking sad song caged cute puppy ads. You do notice the ads are all the same. Sad song, check. Show stock video of those we are ‘supposed’ to be helping, check. Ask for a 19.00 a month donation, people are looser with their wallets than if you asked for $20.00. Check. Offer a T-Shirt they can wear to allow the donar to show up their pier groups with their ‘charity’ check.

  14. I had donated in the past until I started to read about WWP and where the money was really going. I WILL NOT SENT THEM ANOTHER PENNY.

  15. Always look at the PVA (Paralyzed Veterans of America). The work they do on spinal injuries is amazing. They really take care of the vets.

  16. it,s sad that greedywanna be,s take money off back,s of wounded it,s same as our government who we the people give it to these …….. in first place mad as hell oorah always.

  17. I have heard nothing but bad things about WWP. I used to support them but with reports like these I no longer do. The vet charity that I know throw all of my support behind is the Iraq and Afgahnistan Veterans of America (IAVA). They do a ton of great work for our younger vets, and from everything I have read on them their financials are way more in line with what you would hope a charity would do.

  18. Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing is a non profit with 5 paid folks and a rented national office ,160 programs run by 2500 volunteers. 82% of each $1 goes to the warriors who are disable.
    Our web diet tell the story http://www.projecthealingwaters.org
    I have been a volunteer for seven years and we have made a different in the lives of many warriors and vets.

  19. On the bright side, there are a lot of class act organizations out there who are doing stellar work to help vets: HAVA, Soldiers Angels, Project Valour-IT and so on…

  20. I was introduced to this program as I was medevac from my second deployment to Iraq with and mos of 11B when they found a brain tumor and I was sent to FT. Sam Houston. I recieved no help from anyone because they said I was sick and not injured because even though I was blown up four times my first deployment I had not yet been tested for TBI. So I supported my family on my own who came from southern va to take care of me through brain surgery, chemo, and radiation. It’s ok I saw some non profits doing great things for some friends so I accepted things how they were. I became friends with a former employee of the wounded warrior project who started their peer mentor program. So I became a peer mentor for them. And the guy I was assigned was having a rough go trying to get by in Maine with three kids and hospital bills he couldn’t pay. The WWP did nothing and my stress increased over three weeks and then my Mentee was given a number to a higher up at the WWP that I was given by my buddy who had worked hard trying urge action and help. My mentee called still nothing after promises. This place is a scam my buddy was let go for no reasonable explanation and the staff is cold to you if your not in their click. All the people I’m their commercials are employees of theirs. I support the ride to recovery and operation comfort.

  21. I am an alumni of the WWP and they have helped me out in innumerable ways. My family would not have been able to keep our house or get the help needed for my ptsd without them. All if you have no idea what you’re talking about.

  22. I am an alumni of WWP. I can’t even count the number of ways that this program has improved my life. Financially? No. Of course not. But through connections with other veterans, especially female veterans, who have been through similar situations as myself? Absolutely. How has that improved my life? I have people around me now who understand what I’m going through and who I can talk candidly with about the experiences I had on deployment, without any fear of judgement or criticism. This is a website that is pro-gun. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing as I have two. However, as with most websites that support a certain cause, once an organization shows that they have no interest in partnering with them for whatever reason, the bad publicity will start. And WWP probably doesn’t connect with churches because there are more than just Christians who are alumni of WWP. It could be read as offensive if they partnered with a church but not a synagogue or other house of worship…which would probably garner them the same crap this website has given them.

    1. I am also an injured veteran, yes the WWP helps us, yes they have great programs. BUT the way they use the funds they have been given by genorous people wanting to help veterans is unreal. Inflated salaries and misappropriation of funds is unacceptable to me and I will not endorse their foundation. I was also an employee of WWP.

  23. Show me another business or non profit that brings in over $100 Million and only pays their top officers $300k. Get real people, if you want an $80k top level person, you’re going to get a organization that isn’t helping anyone because the talent will just not be there to raise funds. 1/2 of the other organizations you mentioned that you should all be giving to pay’s their chiefs more than that and you have to look at their total compensation packages, not just the salary. The deal is that you should take a few minutes to educate yourself, never make your opinions from one “news” source.

  24. Well it looks like the paid shills/employees of WWP are out in force trying to discredit this story. When the “official” response uses the same demonizing techniques (i.e., calling the source anti-semetic) as the media does to those whose ideals don’t match their agenda, it raises a huge red flag.

    I am sure the WWP does help a few, but many more could be served if the per dollar percentages reaching the vets went up. The proof is in the numbers; you spend money on what you care about, and in this case it looks like the big wigs at WWP are really more concerned with their own betterment than helping their named constituency. It reminds me of the Komen foundation who also go after small groups they see as infringing on their revenue centers or questions their tactics/expenditures.

  25. People please stop believing nonsense. I’m a current wounded warrior. Ever since I was hospitalized the wwp has being a great help for me and my family. They do actually help and gives a lot for us the wounded warriors, stop believing simple numbers and false accusations specially from a web site such as this one. If you don’t beleive me , why don’t you got to your close wounded warrior regiment which the main three are located in nc, ca and tx and ask us personally.

  26. I am a disabled Veteran. WWP has helped me some in the past. But, this is not the first time I have seen the less-than-stellar side of WWP. Being from Texas, I know personally how strong the patriotic spirit is in Texas, and how strongly Texans value their Veterans. WWP has failed Vets here many times. One of the largest concentrations of Veterans in the state is in the DFW Metroplex, yet WWP staunchly refuses to add an office anywhere in the area. In order to attend about 95% of Texas WWP events, a veteran has to travel to San Antonio. From DFW, it takes 4+ hours to reach San Antonio, thus making it highly inconvenient for most of us. Ryan Kules is the poster child of the WWP, but do not count on him to actually assist a fellow Vet, much less answer a simple question in an email. All in all, WWP’s shroud of goodness is decaying away, and what is being revealed underneath it is quite unpleasant.

  27. NRA does the same thing. WLP gets paid $950,000 plus paid expenses and no one bats an eye. Stop being hypocrites.

    1. Well, “shawn”, the NRA is NOT claiming to raise funds to assist disabled people, so your point is, at best, moot.

    2. Shawn, stop being rediculous. The NRA is a private organization with members that pay dues. The WWP is a charity based organization. Not the same thing. If you can’t understand that, then you have bigger problems then what people think about WWP.

    3. Please, honestly answer us why the holy hell you would bring in the NRA card on this? This has absolutely NOTHING to do with Gun Rights, other than WWP would not work with 2A groups supposedly. I am not going to go off the deep end and call WWP out on figures I have no clue about, but if the brass is living the life of f-ing millionaires in country club settings there is something far pervasive going on other than helping those in need. Read this …

      If you’re in it to get rich, GET OUT!

      That is not what “Charity” is about. Look at Goodwill, etc. Everyone bashes them for their CEO being a multimillionaire. The same thing goes here. I am shocked and saddened by this article — even more so if it is found that the allegations are TRUE. I held this organization in high regard. Don’t be a freaking puppet — if you feel getting rich off of patriotic Americans wanting to help our vets is wrong, SPEAK UP! Don’t sit back on the fence.

  28. I’m currently a patient in the wounded warrior btn and a wwp member.wwp gave me a hat and a water bottle. That’s it! WWP is a complete joke ,for everyone that actually wants to donate to a charity, donate to the Semper if fund. Semper if fund paid for my alpha stim machine, 2 cross crountry trips for transition workshops, prescription Irlen sunglasses and a grant for my service dog. Semper Fi fund is the best and thanks wwp for the hat you greedy fat cats.

  29. F*&# the fake veterans organizations. Greedy corporation stuff. Forget bumper stickers, forget WWP shirts, don’t need your yellow ribbon pins and bumper sticker nonsense. You want to support veterans? Find one and say thank you. Ask if they need anything. Offer to pay for their gas or their meal or whatever. Want to support a veterans club? Support Your Local Infidels. Vote Republican. Eat bacon. Merica.

  30. UNICEF – CEO, receives $1,200,000 per year, (plus use of a Royal Royce for his exclusive use where ever he goes, and an expense account that is rumoured to be well over $150,000.)

    President and CEO of the American Red Cross… for her salary for the year ending in 2009 was $651,957 plus expenses

    President of the United Way receives a $375,000 base salary

    The American Legion
    In 2009, the three officers listed on form 990 were compensated $201,611, $152,618, and $162,787.

    The Veterans of Foreign Wars
    A 2010 report showed the top compensation for the VFW to be $238,211

    The Military Order of Purple Hearts
    CFO Stephen L. Ruckman received $150,626.

    St. Jude’s Research Hospital
    CEO William E. Evans received compensation of $824,000 in the latest form 990.

    Well I would say that WWP’s executive level salaries are on par with all of the other “helping” organizations.

  31. Their program costs are not just what goes to helping wounded warriors, but is probably loaded with labor costs that are allocated to “program” rather than “administrative” costs. This is a common accounting maneuver. The figure shown is not what is provided to help the vets.

    1. I have used that website for years – love it! It’s amazing the millions (billions?) of dollars each year that are essentially donated to CEOs pockets of some of the worst charities. WWP doesn’t appear to be anywhere close to one of those. Their CEO’s salary is only 0.32% of WWP’s expenses. Not bad!

    2. This site does have a great deal of information about many charities. I am less concerned with the CEO’s salary as a percent than I am with some of the WWP’s other numbers. For instance why do they spend $.23 to raise a dollar in contributions while the VFWFoundation only spends $.06? And why do their programs only get 58% of their budget while the VFWFoundation spends 86% of their budget on their programs? Where your charitable dollar goes requires more research than a single CEO’s salary and a critical article from a possibly biased source.

  32. I find it rather suspicious that your article comes after they decline to team with gun owners – then are also linked to being against Christians. While I will absolutely do my own investigation with links posted by you AND WWP – as I tend to like to think for myself – instead of blindly being led – your site is obviously one that is way too slanted to one side to be considered legit as far as your accusations. While I am a gun owner – and a member of the NRA longer than sarah palin – your spewing of hatred and sowing of fear causes most educated people to say WTF??

  33. Really you are citing Gordon Duff and Veterans Today as a source? Have you bothered to look up any of their shenanigans at all? Hell you might as well look at David Icke as evidence. If you had a credible argument you lost it with them. You should look into Gordon Duff and Veterans Today.


    If you have issues with how WWP spends their money that is one thing, but lie down with dogs you are going to come up with fleas.

  34. There are numerous non-profits that have a better track record than this one. Our whole town, Pine Knoll Shores, NC, stages a kayak race and other activities in June to support Hope for the Warriors. This nonprofit has received the top-rated award for three years running from GreatNonprofits, the leading provider of user reviews about nonprofit organizations! Please see our webpage, http://www.kayakforthewarriors.org to see what we’ve accomplished in 6 short years. Y’all come down to our beautiful coastal community to kayak, come to our auction, bike ride, etc. Lots of fun for a great cause.

    1. Robin Kelleher is the CEO of Hope for the Warriors the charity that Kayak for the Warriors benefits. Her salary is 1.89% of her organization’s expenses. The CEO of WWP, Steven Nardizzi’s salary is 0.32% of WWP’s expenses.
      Now, I’m not at all saying that Hope for the Warriors is a bad organization – on the contrary, they are great and get some of the highest ratings on most charity rating websites, but WWP gets pretty good ratings too.

    2. Again, these numbers can be misleading. The 1.89% you are comparing to Nardizzi’s .32% is in fact $86K compared to his $300K. And again, WWP spends $.23 to raise a dollar compared to Hope’s $.08. Hope manages to get 82% of their budget to the programs and services it delivers compared to WWP’s 58%. For more bang for your buck it looks like WWP has some issues when compared to similar organizations like the Hope for the Warriors or VFW Foundation.

  35. You guys aren’t very smart at all. Your “issue” is that the organizations managers have large salaries yet I’m sure you are all staunch defenders of capitalism. An economic theory resting on the principle that humans are inherently greedy and selfish and that the number one incentive to produce goods and services is and should be accumulation of material wealth. An economic system that assumes there’s no such thing as altruism. That’s all that is going on here. The individuals running the organization have found a way to raise money for combat wounded veterans while themselves collecting a salary that is on par with other charitable organizations. And if you believe in ‘Murican capitalism it should be that way. After all if the head of the Wounded Warrior Project was making only $80,000 a year as some of you would have suggested, what incentive would that individual have to keep the project going rather than shut it down and take their leadership and business skills to a for profit corporation?

    The reason they don’t want to be associated with guns or gun rights advocates is that it is a controversial issue. They don’t want to alienate people who feel uncomfortable about firearms or certain types of firearms. If the organization appears to support one side of a controversial issue, that may be detrimental to their campaign for donations. It’s the exact same thing with the churches. If the organization appears to support a particular religion or denomination that could reduce the amount of money they are able to collect. It is in their best interest to remain neutral on these issues. Face it, the people running Wounded Warrior Project are smarter than you. You are neanderthals compared to them. The only word you can say is “guns guns guns.”

    1. They don’t want to be associated with guns? Then I suggest they find another set of people to use…..but then veteran awareness raises more Monty….not just some other “charity”.

  36. I know FIRST HAND they DO NOT support the Vietnam veteran. Yet, they tout as if they do in the commercials…..they use the song “In the fields of Vietnam” and show black & white video of Vietnam active duty running for helicopters.

    They are a scam and paying out 5million to any number of veterans, when pulling in 150 million, is a full out scam!!!

  37. CharityNavigator.com is where I always go before contributing to a Charity. On that website, WWP is rated average to above average. http://www.charitynavigator.org/index.cfm?bay=search.summary&orgid=12842#.UtJBTp5dV2A
    Their score is very close to other large national charities such as the USO. Only 5.7% of their expenses are “administrative”, which includes employee and executive pay. The rest of their expenses are programs (things that benefit wounded warriors) and fund raising (money that must be spent to get donations – essentially advertising). Sure, there are ways to manipulate the numbers, such as having fundraisers at the Playboy Mansion which may have really just been a party for their executives, but even if there is some manipulation, they appear to be doing much better than the majority of charities. If you want to be amazed, check out their “Worst 10” list ->http://www.charitynavigator.org/index.cfm?bay=topten.detail&listid=164#.UtJD2J5dV2B

    1. Exactly! Just the small amount of research I did debunked the accuracy of this ‘write up,’ proving to me that the writer(s) are capitalizing off of the sour grapes they have towards the project for its fundraising choices. Research, people.

  38. For the past three years we have a charity golf event at a country club in California where we raise over 200k for wounded warriors. 100% of the proceeds goes to wounded warrior project..that’s over 600k dollars an after reading this I’m disgusted..as a wounded warrior I will now give all proceeds to Semper Fi or team Semper Fi since WWP is a scam. I got mad when they told me I couldn’t put WWP on team jerseys that we were wearing to support them because it’s there logo…really?? Last time I checked it’s myself an every other veterans logo… Again I’m reporting this an I hope it spreads. I will not buy your clothes or gear an let all my friends know what a scam your running. All WWP logos an gear will be pulled from my pro shop!!

  39. AS we learn about Organizations its sad that they seem to be a lot of scams. I don’t want to say all. But think about just helping locally. Give to your church. Might as well just give to your neighbors you know who truly need.

  40. I have asked”why should we even need wounded warrior project?” Our brothers and sisters fighting for our country should just be taken care of….the organization is “US Military.”

  41. I believe this is the group Bill O’Reily is investigating. He mentioned that he is looking into a well known vet group who may be doing wrong and would air if it is true that they have done wrong.

  42. And to think how much they make off of the races they sponsor such as the Tough Mudder. As the race day draws near, each participant can pay up to nearly $200 and I’m sure WWP gets a large portion of it. I will not participate in this race again because of this.

  43. My company and our employees dumped WWP when the gun thing came out a couple years ago and now this. SHAME ON THOSE DIRTY BASTARDS! Yeah, great, I’m grateful for what they did for the people that they did help but look at the profits they made. They have no integrity and are downright thieves. NO ONE should support them!

  44. If you’d like to give or need help with your Service related problems I would give and go to K9sforWarriors.org! 94% goes to Veterans and the founder takes no Salary.

  45. It makes sense that they wouldn’t want to be associated with groups that focus on one special issue that could divide WWP. There is nothing about the organization that requires certain political or religious beliefs, even if they are held by many of the members. WWP isn’t about gun rights or Christianity. Other organizations have shot themselves in the foot by attaching themselves to other groups that polarize the members.

    Warriors come from all types of backgrounds. If the group is about helping wounded warriors, they should stick to that, leave everything else to the proper organizations.

  46. I don’t know about the funding issues, other than to say it is almost impossible for any charity to avoid these criticisms.

    “Activist and fundraiser Dan Pallotta calls out the double standard that drives our broken relationship to charities. Too many nonprofits, he says, are rewarded for how little they spend — not for what they get done. Instead of equating frugality with morality, he asks us to start rewarding charities for their big goals and big accomplishments (even if that comes with big expenses). In this bold talk, he says: Let’s change the way we think about changing the world.

    Everything the donating public has been taught about giving is dysfunctional, says AIDS Ride founder Dan Pallotta. He aims to transform the way society thinks about charity and giving and change. ”


  47. It’s a shame but I had a bad feeling about the wounded warrior scam.I’m gad the truth caught up with them traitors.

    1. The american legion is a prime supporter of obama care. That makes them an unamerican organization imho

  48. I am a WWP, and Im here to tell whoever reads this, that WWP is awesome. Some of the most hard-working Angels you’ve ever met. The programs I’ve participated in are world class. Just like in the military a great deal of the work, sacrifice and effort is never seen. Same applies to the WWP staff and programs. The author of this article is butt hurt because of WWP’s not wanting to align and lose focus. I hope that this comment helps resolve anyones fears the WWP is a sham. It’s an awesome program.

  49. Personally I am glad the Wounded Warrior Project won’t associate with gun lovers. They have already been traumatized too much and I don’t trust your site!

  50. I was assigned to Walter Reed Bethesda for almost 3 years and i think i may have seen the WWP van once or twice the entire time. I do not give to them because i do not believe they are actually helping Vets. The CVMA did more for the vets than I saw from the WWP.

  51. As an Iraqi Vet I am the youngest officer by far for my local VFW, Quartermaster, we don’t pretend to know what happens at State or National level and wonder why they raised annual memberships by $10, got all kinds of discussion at our last district meeting. Now as a local post with a Canteen(bar)it raises money for our bills and donate thousands of dollars back into our local community. I receive no pay and work the Canteen from time to time and spend hours on cleaning our hall after events, helping recieve and distribute school supplies, and other tasks, so donating to your local post goes back into your community and helping local Veterans and their families, so donate local, because our officers recieve no pay.

  52. It amazes me at the number of idiots in here that believe this news article. It’s completely false. Also if you read up on the VT you will see they are idiots and have no integrity in their articles. They say that 9/11 was actually the Israelis, they say Sandy Hook was revenge killing by the Israelis, they deny the holocaust ever happened and say there were never gas chambers. I’m sorry the thousands/millions of witnesses, survivors, videos, photos, must all be a figment of our imaginations then. The WWP has done more to help disabled/wounded veterans coming back from our wars more than any other organization. I know because I’ve seen first hand as a Veteran of Iraq what they have done for my friends that were seriously injured in suicide car bomb attacks, road side bomb attacks etc. I might be preaching to the choir because I guess if your a reader of the VT you must be some sort of anti Semite bat shit crazy conspiracy theorist yourself.

  53. The 501(C)(3) my husband and I founded has in the bylaws that no board member will be paid, reimbursed, or in any other way receive compensation for any charity related work.
    I know not all charities can be that way but large salaries don’t necessarily equal great success.
    WWP wouldn’t let our church fund raise for them by using their name or logo so we found a different charity to help. I’m glad we did because 4 cents on the dollar going to actual wounded soldiers is a DISGUSTING NUMBER.

  54. I tried to run a honest Charity in Ma. no sponsor tried tried tried everyone I talked to in the military wanted it no one seemed to care now we are 5k in the hole lost my web hosting ….why? no big advertising no sponsors …same crap different day …Investigate the Boston 1 fund there is another corrupt deal .

  55. I’m a PGA & LPGA Tour caddie and also the founder of The HOVEL (Helping Our Veterans Enjoy Life) Foundation. I have funded this foundation almost entirely on my own. We donate directly to the veterans and do not disburse the money to other organizations. Our foundation helps feed, clothe and provide basic necessities to our veterans in need.

    Please check out our website and help support our mission. As a son of a Korean War veteran and with a brother and nephew that are both active marines, I firmly believe that more direct assistance to our veterans is needed. That’s what we do at The HOVEL Foundation.


  56. Hey, guys & Gals, I understand giving to your local VFWs, Semper Fi, Wounded Warrior Bn and many other organizations… That is great, but when was the last time any of you went to your local Veterans Nursing Home to visit with the Vets or to donate needed items and love to them? Many of those men and women have great stories to tell! Try visiting and helping them… Have a great day and please stay away from WWP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. I worked with the organization called the wounded warrior project. All full time employees were given I phones and certain full time employees were even given I pads. And guess who paid for that, the people who donated to the organization. They don’t have any medical or dental premiums, they are “paid” by the wounded warrior project, but really that means thru donations. Alot of people mean well there and actually care, but there are greedy individuals there that manipulate the system. And they are not honest about the donation allocation. They have allot more administrative costs then they lead the average person to believe!

  58. Glad someone is finally digging into these guys..I told my dad I felt this org was a scam..he is retired 24 years us army..I am 22 years us army retired. He religiously donates a good sum of money monthly. I however wanted to go a different direction.
    I run a guide service in maine for spring bear as well as fall moose hunts for our tribe. I contacted the WWP about getting a veteran out into the field and do a hunt. I was willing to donate everything, my only request was for them to help out on the food and lodging expenses, $300, my hunts are $2100. After spending about 30 minutes on the phone with a very enthusiastic staffer I was transferred to someone who would handle my donation. I was transferred to a woman who only wanted to know what money I would be sending. I repeatedly told this lady I am looking to get a wounded warrior out in the woods to hunt by donating a hunt. She kept asking the value of the hunt, I told her $2100 to which she replied so wouldn’t it be easier if I just sent that amount and used it to better a wounded warriors life. I finally got sick of it and just told them email me the forms or snail mail. I got a bunch of phone calls and literature from them asking for donations etc. This just confirms that my suspicion was not just a gut check but a real deal scam taking advantage of our warriors who need some help and get used by these scammers!

  59. To think I’ve been going to the trouble of selling things on eBay and giving half the sales price to them. I’ll check out Fisher House and hopefully eBay will offer to donate on their behalf.

  60. First off anyone can post something on the internet and say its true im not sure about whats goin on with exactly WWP or how much they spend on us veterans but i will say i medically retired from the army with multiple injuries and severe ptsd . I went to the WWP branch office of phoenix az in september of 2013 because i needed help submitting a claim for my disabilty to be raised because i had neck sugery 1 month before i got out and it wasnt included im my initial med board and when i first got out in 2012 i went to the va for help and 8 months later i found out they sumbmitted the wrong paperwork and thats why i went to the WWP for help and im glad i did the day i walked in all of there staff was really nice and mostly vets work there they immediatly helped me with my claim and the worker actually did everything for me and then when we were done he personnaly drove an half an hour to the va office to submit my claim and before i left they gave me a duffelbag with lots of under armor gear and stuff and as i was leaving they gave me two tickets for the arizona cardinals football game and they were not cheap seats and there were at least 15-20 other veterans and each of them had a guest it was awesome. Ive had a real rough time since ive been out but since i joined WWP its been awesome ive been to 2 arizona cardinals game and i went skydiving 2 weeks ago and not to metion where i was when i read this artical i was at the phoenix suns facility playing basketball with another 20 vets on the suns practice court and were going get to watch them play the lakers tonight and ive never been to a pro NBA game before and im excited plus i just got accepted to go to park city utah in 2 weeks for a 5 day warrior getaway winter trip where we get to ski and go bobsleding and other things im not sure about but today i just got my flight itenerary from us airways paid for by WWP and i was told i didnt need any money and today i talked to a few veterans who went to alaska for a week a few months ago and both said the only money they spent was on suveniors and that it was amazing . There were also several other activities to do that i never signed up for so i cant speak for everyones experience but mine with WWP in Arizona is doing great things and actually one of the problems is not enough veterans sign up all the time

  61. Makes me sick to my stomach to see someone stealing from cripples. Guess their too stupid to know that a lie and a cheat will always be exposed!

  62. I have been a wounded warrior project alumni since I started recieving my VA compensation in 2012. I have tried to get help from the organization twice since then. Each time I got the run around on who I needed to contact. Now i have finished my college degree for my military experience and stopped recieving the post 9/11 GI bill payments. I am looking for a job, but im in danger loosing my home, and I cant pay my bills off of the 70% disability the VA gives me. I tried to contact the WWP’s operation home front. The did email me back with a link to their web page. Every time I try to access it to get help rd wont let me click on important areas to fill out the information. It seems like there is no way for vets that are struggling to get any help. I now feel ashamed to say im part of the WWP’S after reading this.

  63. The WWP is nothing short of amazing! From a participants perspective WWP and their staff are doing things no one else can to help our post 911 vets. I have personally grown from being a part of WWP and established life long relationships with other warriors who have experienced similar things. Remember it’s easy to get on the whining train and complain about things you may not be 100% sure about. Instead dig a little and talk to a WWP warrior. He/she can tell you first hand about the powerful things WWP is doing. As far as guns go, I got my first antelope this past year and my bud Nic got a beautiful bull elk. Thanks WWP

    1. Vinny,
      totally agree. At a time when the regime has slandered, betrayed, and belittled our warriors, we need every ally available in our cause.
      “A nation that forgets it’s heros will itself soon be forgotten.”

  64. I am extremely dubious of this article. I am a 22 year Army Vet (1st Special Forces Group) have been assisted personally by WW and I know many other guys that have as well. I can’t think of another organization out there fighting for vets like WW.

  65. I had two uncles who fought in Korea, one also in Vietnam. My son-in-law is still in the military and have fought for our country three time since he has enlisted. When I first saw the WWP logo, I was automatically a supporter. My family is a continuous supporter of organizations that are helping the one’s and their families who fought and those who have come home after giving most of their health and physical ability to preserve our freedom. I also support a couple of organizations that tend to the families who have lost love ones in War. After I’ve read all of the comments and reports about this fraudulent front that these people have done, it makes my skin burn and my mind revert to a place that I don’t like to go. I firmly believe that, ” what goes around, comes around.” And these people are eventually going to see that happen. Till then, continue to pray for those hero’s and the one’s to become. And don’t forget to pray for these FREAKING IDIOTS who feed on the honor that has been earned by thousands so that the same FREAKING IDIOTS can sleep easy at night under the blanket of freedom that so many sacrificed their lives for.

  66. I wish that I could say something positive about the group, however I was offered a job with them doing the same thing I was doing for another Veteran Organization as a Volunteer. The pay was rather substantial as a starting salary and as a disabled Veteran I felt it would have been wrong to take a job doing something I was doing for my brothers and sisters in arms for free for such a substantial amount of money. The group I volunteer with works solely off donations from citizens, churches, and private companies; no government money will ever be taken because they believe that God has a place in healing just as much as a good hunting trip does. They could really use your help if you all are interested, their website is http://www.ptsdusa.org . They are housing Veterans, and their families at no cost to slow down homelessness, and the 22 Veteran suicides a day that America is facing but Government won’t address.

    http://www.ptsdusa.org save a life!! – I volunteer because they saved mine


  67. This is unfortunately true and it hurts those of us who are truly helping Veterans. I am the co-founder of Support Our Soldiers, Inc., a Massachusetts based 501(c)(3) who’s mission is simple: To assist Veterans of the United States Armed Forces in any way possible, and to raise awareness of the POW/MIA issue. We are a completely volunteer organization and no one takes one penny as a salary!!! Every single thing we take in goes out in one form or another DIRECTLY to veterans, whether active, retired, homeless, etc. Most of our work is with homeless veterans, local VA hospitals and New England based units FRG groups. We donate thousands of dollars in gift cards at Christmas and thousands more at Thanksgiving for those soldiers, sailors, airmen, etc., who need a hand during the holiday season. This is New England, so it gets pretty darn cold here. So, we just donated over 250 winter hats and gloves to our local homeless Veteran shelters. WWP just plain pisses me off and has made it SO difficult for those of us who are on the up and up!!! Others are those that are 501(c)(4)….they may be classified as a nonprofit, but that doesn’t mean they are a CHARITY. They are a political activist group…plain and simple. What you donate to them isn’t tax deductible for a reason folks…because they aren’t a CHARITY…they just don’t have to pay taxes. We are here to serve Veterans and at no time do we ever have more than a couple hundred dollars in our bank account…like I said, what comes in…goes right out! If you’d like to donate to a WORTHY Veterans’ advocacy group….please check out our website at http://www.SupportOurSoldiersMA.com.
    Be CAREFUL who you support…and make damn sure they are who they say they are. To all you Veterans out there….THANK YOU!! To all the families…thank you too! Some folks forget that you serve too.

  68. If you are looking to help your local veterans and Disabled warriors in the Southern states, check out Freedom Outdoor Adventures, at Myfreedomoutdoors.org . They are a 501C3 organization that assist the Fort Benning and surrounding veterans. Ran by A Active duty Service Member who currently suffers from PTSD. Great cause for local veterans. Maybe one day they can branch out to a few other bases. Thanks

  69. Being the daughter of a WWII POW and Vet, I find this to be an absolute disgrace. How can they steal from their own that have served and now suffer for this nation. I hope they find them all guilty and put them in a high security federal prison with all the murderers and wacko’s where they belong!

  70. This so called program has never helped me and when ever I ask they have some dumb excuse. But they are not the only scam out there our own government is letting 22 veterans commit suicide. Let over 500,000 stay homeless. They say there are programs help but the paper work is so long and hard to understand the homeless just give up. The ones that kill themself’s are given phone numbers. They need face to face help but as Americans we care more about some actor who kills himself with a needle in his arm. We should be ashamed I was wounded had surgery am 100% disabled and given the ole slap on the back when I was released from Walter Reed and became homeless with out an address no pay dead no pay the governments way of saving money.

  71. Alot of veteran charities are doing this – its easy to register a 501c3 and the IRS hardly ever audits them. This is happening with even members of our community – navysealsfund.org – they filed collecting a mere $11k last year yet their site (before they were called out and changed their site) showed they had received over $30k in donations.

  72. The article is over a year old. Has anything changed? I have never liked WWP, they have become a monopoly just as the Pink Ribbon campaign has. It disgusts me. There are so many Veterans that need hands on tangible help. The Semper Fi fund, Fischer House, and Operation Once in a Lifetime are the only military charities I will give to. The charity industry is just that, an industry. TBI has become a big money maker as well. The entire charity system needs to be overhauled, especially capping salaries. More money gets spent on lavish fundraisers, media, advertising, marketing, and awards ceremonies than reaches the people that need it. It’s wrong. Charities have become nothing but bureaucracies, and too many people that need help fall through the cracks.

  73. I don’t have a dog in this fight, but I hate bogus charities. I went to the VT website and WOW, it it a piece of insanity. I urge everyone to check it out for yourself. The WWP may be less than ideal, but to give it a bad rap on account of the VT story is really not giving the WWP a fair assessment.

  74. Freedom Hunters is an all volunteer group that arranges hunting and fishing trips to get disabled service members and those who have retired out in the field. I am a Viet Nam Vet and they have truly blessed my heart. Check them out , PLEASE.

  75. If this is true I’m done supporting this organization. You have to wonder when they are making profits from sports apparel maker Under Armour who sells their items at top dollar. I know they also make huge profits from the Tough Mudder mud races held all over the country at $125-$200 per entrant. The Colorado races alone draw 20,000 people over 2 days alone. They are riding on a gold mine. I’m concerned if the financial distribution report is accurate of $150 million taken vs. only 5 million dispersed. I’ll not give another dollar until I find out the truth. Signed concerned disabled vet.

  76. I’ve heard of these things going on. It sucks because the WWP has taken care of me and my family many times. It’s funny though about the gun part because all the events I have gone on were either hunting in Alaska for bear. Pheasant hunting and a shooting clinic in Alabama.

  77. Sounds like the author doesn’t understand basic math.

    According to Guidestar, Wounded Warrior Project’s 2012 Contributions were $148,185,045:

    • Program Expenses: $69,599,744 (46%)
    • Admin Expenses: $5,412,693 (3.65%)
    • Fundraising: $20,499,112 (13.8%)
    • Funds invested: $50,889,991 (34.3%)

    So WWP took a third of their cash and invested it. Call me crazy, but that sounds like a pretty good idea. But that means only half the money donated goes directly to Wounded Warriors in a fiscal year – That’s still 55-70 million dollars going to help Soldiers and their families. What are these keyboard-toughguy wannabes doing for Soldiers? Charity Navigator gives WWP 3 out of 4 stars. So sure there’s room for improvement. But a “legal scam”? That’s stupid.




  78. Contribute only to your small local groups that benefit the Wounded Warriors directly and which are all made up of volunteers – not the $300,000.00 per year professionals (WWP has 15 of these). And not the ones with expensive, slick tear-jerker TV advertisements. Ask your local Wounded Warrior which groups have helped them directly

    Make sure you find out all about these local groups – meet the leaders and shake their hands while you look them in the eye. Ask them who they have helped and make them prove it. Make sure the leaders live in the community they serve and try to attend their functions to help out and to monitor them.

    There are dozens of small genuine Wounded Warrior charities near where you live.

  79. Hey everyone that is getting all up in arms about this. I was right there with you until I started to investigate this further. Here is the information based from the BBB (fiscal year ended September 30, 2011) with the complete breakdown as well as the breakdown by the Charity Navigator which even gives the percentage it takes to make a $1 in fundraising. If you don’t agree with their stance onf Guns and Church, that is fine. But don’t base it off the the false information that this article seems to be given. I like finding out stuff like this, but this is blantantly false propaganda. I figured some of you that were asking for the truth and a real breakdown woul appreciate this information. Feel free to click through each catagory and see what is the definition and programs each dollar actually goes to (just just generalized ideas).

  80. I’m sorry, I don’t know how to get this up on the site other than posting it in another thread.

    Are you all aware of Mac McQuown? He’s a dishonorably discharged Marine who was busted to PFC but still masquarades as a SGT. He was supposed to be walking across America but now, he’s riding on the backs of our homeless veterans.

    He’ll be in Baton Rouge, LA on Thursday and some of us are hoping to meet his entourage with signs opposing what he’s doing to hurt our own.

    Don’t take my word for it, if you would like to learn more about this scammer do your own research at Stolen Valor – leonard-dale-mcquown-mac-usmc-embellish or on Facebook Mac-Mcquown-Marine-Deserter-Con-Artist

    This fake deserves all the bad press we can get him. He plans to have an entourage of vets escort him into town. I plan to carry a sign protesting his walk. He needs stopped.

    NOone deserves to make a profit off the men and women who honorably defend this country…certainly NOT a dishonorable liar.

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