Oh, the irony.

We like Chicago cops in general, but wouldn’t urinate on the CAGE unit Chicago coppers if they were on fire.

The irony in recent days is rich as the Chicago Police Department has ordered all Chicago cops to register their guns – both department-issued guns and their personal guns.

Yes, the guys who were responsible for enforcing Chicago’s nuisance gun laws all these years are now the only people in IL required to register their guns.

We wrote about this back in August, and it seems as though Chicago’s city government has decided to press forward with this limited registration scheme, according to Second City Cop.

There is (or soon will be) not a single person in the State of Illinois who has to register a firearm anymore.

Unless you’re a Chicago Police Officer.

Read the linked order here, right on page two:

  • H. Sworn members will register all duty and nonduty firearms with the Department.

Once again, we now have less rights than the other citizens of Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. We’ve been warning guys and gals for years now that something like this was on the horizon. That once Concealed Carry passed, without the support of the FOP, that we as officers would regret it for not supporting something that a majority of the citizens wanted and that the courts were going to grant. In fact, the disgraced ex-president of the FOP publicly berated the blog for daring to support citizen Rights.

5 thoughts on “The irony: Chicago cops ordered to register all their guns”
  1. No place is perfect. But, government outside of Cook County is much more likely to respect stand-up people like police officers. Maybe it’s time for Chicago Cops to start looking elsewhere for employment?

  2. Sometimes it’s necessary for the statists to stumble well beyond the line required for the public to take notice, evaluate their actions as sheer nonsense, and rebel.

  3. “H. Sworn members will register all duty and nonduty firearms with the Department.”

    So let me get this straight. All officers will register their firearms with the CPD ? And only the CPD will control this registration ? And the CPD will make sure officers follow this rule how ?

    Better idea. All officers in the state must register all of their firearms with the ISP.

    I’m being facetious. Firearm registration is a bad idea period. But if anyone thinks CPD officers are going to register their personal firearms well that’s just ludicrous.

  4. too bad. maybe their union reps can address situation in contract talks. what puzzles me is WHY any cop in ILL is allowed to legally carry a firearm off duty while consuming alcohol.

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