As we’ve mentioned for a couple of months now, the State Police are going to offer a “soft” roll-out of the CCW licensing website for the general public – *if* you have had LiveScan digital fingerprints taken – on January 2nd.

We’ve inched forward on our own – as Guns Save Life – plan to offer “application clinics” next week and beyond for Guns Save Life members without computers, internet or the computer abilities to apply.   Ideally, we’ll have a handful of volunteers scattered throughout Illinois with computers that are compatible with the ISP’s application website, flatbed scanners, printers and a computer savvy (or savvy enough) volunteer to help guide applicants through the process.

When everything goes smoothly, the entire process can be completed in ten minutes.

The problem we are having is a lack of suitable venues to conduct this.

An ideal venue would be a commercial or pseudo commercial location but we’re precious short on those.

If you know of any available commercial space or similar (we’re looking to avoid private residences), let us know and we’ll work to match you up with a volunteer.  templar223 (at)

If you have a laptop computer and a scanner and printer and would like to volunteer a few hours to help your fellow gun owners, contact us as well.  templar223 (at)

Thanks in advance.

11 thoughts on “Like we told you: January 2 is soft rollout for CCW licensing…”
  1. They have changed the on-line application from when I entered my info a couple of days ago.

    When I originally entered data, it had a page labelled “70% complete” that asked for the name/number of my ISP-approved instructor and allowed me to upload images of my training certificates. Since I am using 8 hours credit for an NRA PPIH course done several years ago, I had uploaded 2 certificates: one for my CCW 8-hour class, and one for my NRA PPIH class.

    Now, the 70% complete page is different. It asks for your ISP-approved CCW instructor and has check-off choices for credit to reduce or eliminate the training requirement (i.e., registered CCW instructor, prior military service, active police, …).

    After this, there is a new page marked “75% complete” where you can upload only one upload certificate. I assume it wants the Illinois-approved 8-hour CCW training certificate, but it is not very clear.

    I can’t find any place in the new application that allows me to upload a copy of my NRA PPIH course.

  2. Just tried to apply. ISP system not accepting my TCN or my wife’s TCN. Called Accurate Biometric. They say ISP would not accept information from them until December 31! Consequently we have a timing issue with their system not yet recognizing data recently transferred. My wife and I both had our prints taken weeks ago.

    1. Bushue just told me the same thing.

      They thought everyone’s prints would be uploaded to ISP by sometime tomorrow.

  3. I was able to complete the application this morning at 10AM. Took less than 8 minutes & went smoothly. Now I just have to wait to see if there are any hiccups.

  4. I tried submitting my application around 11AM.

    It keeps hanging up at the “verifying your identity” step. I can’t get to the payment step.

    I don’t know if something has crashed or if there are too many people trying to submit applications.

    Have any non-instructors managed to submit an application yet?

  5. ISP finally recognized my TCN and accepted my application tonight after multiple attempts today. Still not accepting my wife’s, even though Accurate Biometrics told me hers was submitted one minute later than mine.

  6. I was able to complete 90% of the application last night. Was told that my TCN# was not being recognized and to try again on the 5th. It stated that it WILL be recognized by then. I tried again this morning but to no avail. I will keep trying in hopes of it being accepted before the 5th.

    1. My TCN was finally accepted about 8:30 a.m. on the 5th. Now it will be interesting to see how long it will take to process the application. Mine should be pretty straight forward, as I have a clear record, always been a resident of one county where I was born and raised. We’ll see!

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