Moms Demand Action – and no, we don’t mean that sort of ‘action’ – have merged with Mayor Bloomberg’s kiddie porn mayors’ group, er, Mayors Against (Illegal) Guns.

It shouldn’t be a big surprise as Mayor Bloomberg has bankrolled Moms Demand Action, including paying the professional activist/agitator leader of the Moms, Shannon Watts to lead her merry band of Astroturf creators.

Perhaps it is an effort to keep the Moms afloat after their last effort – their claimed success in getting Staples to post their stores “no guns” blew up in their face as it was a complete and utter fabrication.

Their latest kamikaze attack?


Good luck with that, Mayor Bloomberg and your rented group of prostituted ladies.

The good news is he only bought their advocacy – or so we believe.



One thought on “Moms Demand Action merge with Mayors Against Guns”
  1. Well if these cows want to hook up with Bloombergs failing outfit, great !!!!. get ready for watching your time and money go down the drain as ” gun control ” loses more ground each day. maybe get a job, find a hobby, etc. instead of getting mixed up with the lying fraud ” moms “. but for now bring it on .

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