In a soft launch that we’ve hinted about for weeks now, the Illinois State Police announced today via a press release that Illinois State Police-approved concealed carry instructors can apply for a concealed carry license starting tomorrow, December 18th.

Here’s their press release:

Early Applications for Illinois Instructors Provides Opportunity to Test System

SPRINGFIELD – Illinois State Police announced today they will open the Firearm Concealed Carry Act application process to Certified Firearms Instructors, giving them access to apply for their Concealed Carry License on Wednesday, December 18, 2013, in advance of the January 5, 2014, deadline.

The statute requires that Certified Instructors be eligible for a Concealed Carry License. Early access to the application process will provide applicants with an opportunity to obtain their license and test the application system.  With nearly 2,000 Certified Firearms Instructors currently listed on the ISP Concealed Carry website, officials anticipate that instructor applications will serve as a test for workload capacities.  Officials see this as a necessary step to ensure the integrity of a system which is expected to process more than 400,000 applications during the first year.

Instructors can access the ISP Concealed Carry Licensing website on Wednesday, December 18, to electronically submit a concealed carry license application.  Instructions for accessing the site will be emailed to instructors currently registered with the ISP.  Instructors may also call the ISP Firearms Services Bureau Customer Service Line at 217-782-7980 with any questions.

The Department’s Concealed Carry website address can be accessed at  The ISP will continue to regularly update its Concealed Carry FAQ’s on the new website with information regarding the Illinois Concealed Carry process.


The letter they emailed to instructors?

Here it is:

     The Illinois State Police (ISP) is pleased to announce that the Concealed Carry Licensing application is being opened to currently registered Concealed Carry Instructors (CCI).  Effective Wednesday, December 18, 2013, all CCI can electronically apply for a Concealed Carry License (CCL) by clicking on the Concealed Carry link from the ISP website at   This early release will allow the ISP to test the system and ensure there are no problems prior to the public release on January 5, 2014.  To apply, you will be required to include the Transaction Control Number (TCN) you received when fingerprinted as a CCI.

Your TCN is: [redacted, but thanks for asking].

As an early participant, you are being asked to answer the questions below to assist the ISP in meeting the needs of the public.  If you have any questions concerning the application process, please call the ISP Firearms Customer Service Line at 217-782-7980. Thank you.

QUESTIONS:  Please send responses to the below questions to:

1.  How many individuals have you trained for the Illinois Concealed Carry Act firearm training requirement to date?

2.  How many individuals do you have scheduled for Illinois Concealed Carry Act firearm training up through January 5, 2014?

3.  As a CCI, will you be willing to assist your students with the electronic CCL application?


2 thoughts on “ISP opens the CCW application to instructors Wednesday, Dec. 18”
  1. Their idea of “early” is a little different than mine. If they were doing this prior to 09JUNE2013, I’d call it early.

    Good luck, John. I hope they get you guinea pigs processed without trouble.

  2. I filled in the digital ID application. Hit the submit button: the site locked up. Couldn’t resubmit. Me thinks system shut down at 5pm because cs hours closed. Try again tomorrow.

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