Minutes ago, at roughly 4pm CST, GunsSaveLife.com had its 2 millionth unique visitor this year.

Above:  Total Visits, Unique Visitors, New Visitors, Return Visitors.



GunsSaveLife.com, the internet face of Guns Save Life the organization, went up last fall in our new format.  Elbowing our way into the crowded gun blog world wasn’t easy, especially as we were rank amateurs, but we worked hard and persevered.

Then came a setback as our site was taken down by our previous Internet hosting company because of our slightly political flavor.

The good news was we were already laying the groundwork to migrate to a bigger, faster server because of some of the big stories we had broke in our first couple of months were bogging down that initial server.  When Hosting A to Z abruptly pulled us down, it merely accelerated our migration.

Today, we passed our two millionth unique visitor with our current hosting company, delivering our content to well over five million sets of eyeballs this year.

Not bad for a small, all-volunteer grassroots civil rights organization in the middle of flyover country.

Congratulations to everyone who had a hand in making this happen, including most notably, our visitors!




4 thoughts on “GunsSaveLife.com: 2 million uniques in 2013”
  1. Congrats, and thank you, to all who assisted in reaching this milestone. You can be proud of your efforts.

  2. Hats off to John and the Board for such a well-run website/organization! Kudos!!!

    Very impressive!!

  3. Congratulations! Volunteer effort from dedicated, quality people and lots of hard work.

    Telling a side of life that most main-line news sites and blogs won’t touch.
    Keeping us informed of the political side of the Second Amendment.
    Advocating for the rule of law.

    That is quite an accomplishment.
    Thank You.

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