Two middle school students tried to play the “Knockout Game” in Peoria last Friday right outside their school.

They weren’t successful and the victim notified police.  A school resource officer identified the two junior thugs.  No arrests were mentioned in the article on the WHOI website.

Here’s what William Bigelow wrote about the attack at Breitbart:

The old vaudeville question, “will it play in Peoria?” meant that if a show worked in Peoria, Illinois, it would work across the nation. Now, the situation is reversed: the nationwide “Knockout Game”, in which attackers try to knock an unsuspecting victim unconscious with one punch, is playing in Peoria. Daniel Wilson claims he was walking home from a bus stop, and when he reached Folkers Avenue across from Trewyn middle school, he was punched by two attackers.

Wilson said, “When I got around to the corner all of a sudden I felt two blows to the side of my head. I heard one of them say, “Watch me knock this guy out … I never thought in a million years that grade school students would try to knock me out.”

2 thoughts on “Peace on Earth: “Knockout game” comes to Peoria”
  1. It would have been nice if the man that was attacked would have taken the time to teach them the ” I’m getting a head full of stitches and several new teeth for Christmas ” game

  2. Yea well it’s too bad doesn’t this come from NO meaningful upbringing which starts at home ? No compassion for anyone but their own selves. Maybe a person should carry a ball bat ( Oper carry. ). Of course ,,no permit required …….–“”–

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