Tio Hardiman and his wife Alison.

Tio Hardiman wrote some candid comments that caught us off guard.

Yeah, this is the Tio arrested for beating the stuffin’ out of Mrs. Hardiman.  The same guy who has a prior domestic battery conviction for beating an earlier wife, and is therefore subject to a lifetime ban on firearms ownership.

He’s also running for the Democrat nomination for governor against Pat Quinn.

Here’s what he wrote over at the Huffington Post:

…We cannot continue to blame the legal gun owners for the gang violence in cities like Chicago, Decatur, Peoria, and many other cities in Illinois. Thousands of young men have become locked into a mentality that using a gun should be their first and only response to any conflict or perceived threat. This would be considered more of a thinking problem than a serious gun problem. Due to that level of thinking, the old saying “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” holds true.


Tio Hardiman wrote that?   That’s quite a new perspective.

…Now some people will argue that guns are the problem but the truth of the matter is there is no data to support the fact that legal gun owners contribute to the overall gun violence statistics in Illinois.

No way.  Did someone else submit this under Tio’s name?

He starts going off the tracks a little later:

The epidemic of gun violence has been passed down since the “cowboy and Indian” days in America.

The “Wild West” wasn’t nearly as “wild” as today’s Chicago, Tio.

He gets back on the train though:

The practice of penalizing legal gun owners will not reduce the levels of gun violence.

Quick, Mayor Bloomberg, get you man Tio some of your anti-gun Kool-Aid, most ricky-tick!

Thousands of people are worried about the new Conceal Carry Law in Chicago and there is no real need to worry based on the background of the majority of convicted shooters in Illinois. Most of the shooters have a criminal background and they will never be in a position to purchase a legal gun.

Ya think?

But just when you thought he might have seen the light:

We have to work harder to stop the flow of illegal guns from crossing over into Illinois.

We’ve heard that about illegal drugs for how long now?  How much luck have we had with that, Tio?

We do give Tio credit, since he’s gotten off CeaseFire payroll, he seems to have regained use of a lot of brain cells.

As our friends at the ISRA say, gun control is a disease and we are the cure.



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  1. I’m not buying into that for one second. These lying scumbags will say anything to get elected. Remember Obama’s “no one is trying to take your guns away”?

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