The ISP are at it again, refining their proposed rule making.

There are a number of things we find objectionable in it and we’ll be formulating a reply in the coming days to submit as part of public comment.

You can read it for yourself.


9 thoughts on “Illinois State Police proposed CCW rulemaking, second draft”
  1. “All fees shall be collected using the Illinois State Treasurer’s
    E-Pay program.” With the usual “convenience fee” being added on. So we can’t send a check, like with the FOID card? They want to stick us for even more money. I always thought it was illegal to charge more when paying with a credit card. Do they get around that by calling it a “convenience fee?”

  2. I have two comments. First, I do not believe 2 hours of legal instruction is sufficient. We have utilized that amount of time just for deadly force discussions by itself. Second, it is clear from the original text of PA 98-63 that the legislature intended that manual fingerprints could be utilized albeit delayed. This ISP Reg. revision is contrary to the legislative design.

    1. This is the language from 430 ILCS 66/(30)(b)(8)

      “”8) a full set of fingerprints submitted to the Department in electronic format, provided the Department may accept an application submitted without a set of fingerprints in which case the Department shall be granted 30 days in addition to the 90 days provided under subsection (e) of Section 10 of this Act to issue or deny a license;””

      It says you can submit an application without any fingerprints, and allow 30 additional days. It never said you could submit manual prints. Maybe that was in a different Bill?

    2. Paragraph 8 says they “may” accept an application without a set of fingerprints. It does not say “shall” accept application without a set of fingerprints. ISP is choosing to “not” accept an application without a set of fingerprints.

    3. That is not true at all. If you read their proposed rules it says manual prints will NOT be accepted. It also says you can choose to not accept any prints at all.

  3. Section 1231.30 Instructor Approval Revocation
    a) Concealed Carry Firearms Instructors (Instructors) shall maintain:
    1) A valid FOID Card or, if an out-of-state resident, eligibility to obtain a FOID; and
    2) After April 16, 2014, a valid FCCL.
    (FCCL” means Firearms Concealed Carry License issued pursuant to the Act.)

    If the Instructor is an active LEO, are they required to have a FCCL?

    1. CCW instructors who are also LEO will apparently be required to.

      The next question is “Will they be required to observe the prohibited location list while off duty?”


    2. That is a good question… I would think they can carry under their LEO authorization and be OK at most of the otherwise prohibited places…

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