Three men and a woman, all reputed illegal aliens, forced entry on an apartment in Columbus, Ohio Wednesday evening.

The homeowner, a 69-year-old Viet Nam vet, turned to his trusty Government Model .45 and fired shots at the invading quartet, perforating two of the male armed intruders.

One is expected to live.  The other is expected to become worm food.

Cynical locals wonder if the Mexican government will file a protest due to two of their citizens becoming “victims” of America’s gun culture.


( – Columbus police say two robbery suspects were shot during an attempted home invasion on the west side of Columbus Wednesday evening.

The shooting was reported around 5:30 p.m. near the Wildwood Village Apartments on Cascade Court.

Police said three men and a woman attempted to force their way into an apartment.

Officers said one of the men living inside fired at the suspects, hitting two of them.

Both were critically injured.

Neighbor Jerry Marret said this is not the first time the two people living inside the apartment have been victimized.

They were robbed before, about a year ago, and one of the fellas was hit so hard on the side of the head cut his ear in half with a baseball bat,” said Marret.

Officers are questioning the man who opened fire as they continue to investigate.


4 thoughts on “Armed Citizen: Home invasion quartet no match for the music of a Colt 1911”
  1. Maybe they need to use some Claymores in the hallway for all those illegal “criminal” aliens in extorted America.

  2. Nice shootin’ !!!!. As far as the Mexican Gov’t is concerned….. tell em’ blow me !!!!. illegals get all kinds of free stuff from the American taxpayer, time to start including lead as one of the gifts. I hope they both croak and soon.

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