Dick Metcalf, a long-time gun writer and editor of Guns & Ammo magazine, was unceremoniously fired today.

His termination comes on the heels of his column in the latest issue of that gun mag, in which he discusses his approval of further regulations of Second Amendment Rights.

“I believe in the Second Amendment but–” he wrote.  That’s a classic anti-gun line.

“I believe in the Second Amendment but I don’t think anyone should have a handgun, or a black gun or a semi-automatic, or a full capacity magazine or, or, or” the anti-gunners always say.

In Metcalf’s case, he says he doesn’t feel Illinois’ new 16-hour training requirement is an improper infringement on the right to keep and bear arms.

Boy was he wrong.

Dead wrong.

11 thoughts on “FLASH: Dick Metcalf axed from Guns & Ammo”
  1. Where are they getting these guys?

    Before it was Recoil Mag, Now Guns/Ammo Mag editors?? I for one am glad he was terminated.

  2. I’m for more control on the a-political we know better than you about your rights person.

  3. But but but he was just sayin it’s “the best deal we could get”….

    Those playing both sides of the fence are starting to be held to account.
    Think that’s gonna stop at guns and ammo?
    Not hardly.

    Sell outs are being targeted one by one – and that’s exactly how it should be.

  4. G&A is owned by nbc. Havent read em since venola and skelton left.
    American handgunner and Guns are my favorites.

  5. Ive had a subscription to G&A for a lot of years and like it.
    I sent a email that I wouldn’t renew it if Metcalf stayed.

  6. Im glad he got fired but up till now I did not know he felt that way and I did like him on guns and ammo tv.

  7. I just completed my IL. CCW requirements. The training and information we received not only taught us about the IL. CCW law but also stressed the responsibility and ramifications of carrying and using a gun for self defense. Each and every CCW holder is accountable for every bullet that leaves their weapon and who or what those bullets destroy. At this training I also observed inexperienced shooters who could not hit paper at 15 feet…and this under a minimum of stress! Dick Metcalf was being sensible and NOT anti-gun. Unfortunately overreacting gun owners just regulated him out of a job.

    1. Glad to see there’s someone with some sense out there. Plenty of regulations on driving a car but I don’t see federal agents descending from black helicopters to take them away, unless the driver does something stupid like DUI. There are degrees of regulated environments and that’s all Dick Metcalf was talking about. Bequette was trying to stop advertisers from defecting but he bent over so far that I hope Santa Claus brought him kneepads and some mouthwash.

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