Light posting continues, in part because a number of our posters here at Guns Save Life are instructors and we’re hot and heavy into training before the really cold weather sets in.

Busy training nearly 60 this weekend near McLean, Illinois.

How did it go?

I believe we had two individuals not shoot a perfect 30 on the qualification course of fire.

One had a bad round and she didn’t have another one handy (she had already shot a passing score, so it was no big deal).

The second one was mine.

I shot a 27.

Yes, me.  The veteran instructor who shot a 299/300 at LFI many years ago.

I shot a 27.

With my eyes closed.

I loaded, found my natural point of aim, closed my eyes, then pulled the trigger ten times without opening my eyes.

Had a malfunction at the 10-yard line on the 7th shot.  Cleared it without opening my eyes and fired the last two.

Final score:  It wasn’t pretty.  Looked like a Mossberg sawed off shotgun pattern.  But it was a 27.

17 thoughts on “The Illinois Qualification… Shot a 27 with my eyes closed”
  1. PS: I didn’t stop to find my NPOA after each shot. Did it once and blasted away. Maybe if time and energy permit, I’ll try for a perfect score at a class later in the week.

    With a blindfold on.


  2. Totally want to try this at home to see what I get now too! Thanks for once again teaching a great class!

  3. My dad was 100% blind. Hunted deer every year til he died.

    One year he shot a nice buck and got written up in the local statewide papers and some outdoor mags.

    Man, you should’ve read the letters to editors!

    “Whaffuk’s a blind guy doing out in the woods wit a gun?”

    Well, stay off our property and you’ll run no hazard.

    He used a lever-action Winchester .32 Win Spcl. I regret missing a buck with him one of the last times we were out.

    Walking through the corduroy, saw a nice spike on the ridge, stepped behind dad as he raised his rifle, I lined him up and said “okay, shoot.” BANG! Nothing. Deer slowly sauntered off. No blood trail. Nothing. Sorry, Dad. WOuld’ve been wonderful to have gotten that one with you!

    He was the steadiest shot you’ve seen……….except for ol’ eagle-eye Jboch!!!

    Nice shootin’, John.

  4. I missed that part of class,would have liked to seen that. But, none the less it was a great class with the GREATEST instructors around

  5. It was a good class. Even though I knew the qualifying would – or should be easy, I was a little nervous. Easy 30 (with my eyes open) Thanks again to all the instructors for the class, and thanks to the Holland family for providing the place to do it, and especially thanks to Bonnie for the invite.

  6. I know I can Bing it, but can someone post the COF for the qualifier? it’ll make the page complete for people like me who don’t know it

  7. And you say openly carrying is irresponsible and harmful to the movement? That wearing camo or empty holsters to protests is harmful to perception? Really?

    And then you literally BRAG about demonstrating unsafe horseplay during a “training” class? You break a cardinal rule, know your target and what’s behind it, during a class you are TEACHING? Reminds me of the fella in the classroom that was bragging about himself and his qualifications – right before he shot himself in the leg.

    I hope you are seriously reprimanded, possibly by the ISP and the NRA, for such childish, irresponsible and indeed DANGEROUS behavior. For Goodness sakes man, take this post down!

    1. How did he not know his target and what is beyond it? He was shooting into a berm, at a target, with range officers watching to make sure no one went forward of the line while live fire was going on.

      Childish and irresponsible is advocating that one of the best instructors out there be reprimanded.

  8. The. “Best” instructor out there teaches people to horseplay with firearms? To play around shooting blind during class? At the same time lecturing others about their dress and even how harmful simple open carry is?

    Yeah, that’s something to envy, huh.
    Sorry, I don’t envy hypocrisy. Nor do I envy teaching people, quite possibly brand new rookies, that such horseplay is appropriate. I will relent on one point, by all means, leave this post up – cuz it shows everyone true colors.

    It’s kinda like shooting out a street light. Some stupid things a person does, that seemed like a good idea at the time, just never lives it down later on. After denial and even trying to belittle the people pointing out how foolish it was, they just never live it down.
    Sure, there is time for trick shots – but it ain’t during class – and that’s the point the guilty attempt to ignore because even they know there is no defense for it. Think of it this way. “My instructor taught me this was ok”. “I sure didn’t mean to hit XYZ by shooting with my eyes closed “. I know I won’t ever envy that – but you get to look forward to owning just such a possibility.

    1. I’d bet you a dollar it is Ashrack or Ashdump or whatever his handle is as well.

      Given the rumored attendance at a couple of E2C’s classes, they may be folding their tent here in IL for the most part. Seems their name is mud among many IL gun owners.


  9. This is neither reckless nor irresponsible. All 4 rules were followed. This is all about improving your awareness without totally depending on your vision. Removing visual input helps you get a feel for your stance, body position, grip and trigger. Proprioception is helpful to be a more accurate shooter, and it’s not recognized enough.

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