PETA’s Air Farce.

The do-gooders over at PETA have splashed the newest “tool” for their members to use to fight those evil hunters and gun owners…   a surveillance drone.

The good news is that there are no extra habitat stamps needed to take a PETA drone, nor is steel shot required for the taking of this particular bird, although the use of goose guns will certainly increase the effective range of your load.

Turkey loads might also be quite helpful.

Catalog description listed below.

Should we forward the link to this product (here) to our PETA friends to encourage a proliferation of fun targets?

Well, that’s why we included it!



Air Angels Drones: The New Hobby for Animal Protectionists!

PETA has come up with a drone program that can help protect animals from illegal hunting and other nasty pursuits, and you can be part of the action with an Air Angels drone!

Using your hobby drone, you can collect instant to-your-phone video footage of hunters engaging in illegal activity, such as drinking while in possession of a firearm, injuring animals and failing to pursue them, and illegally using spotlights, feed lures, and other nasty but common hunting tricks. Your amateur footage can be used to alert game wardens and other authorities to who is doing what to animals.

While hunters hide in trees or pretend to be ducks in order to inflict harm, hobby drone operators who are always careful not to interfere with wildlife or hunters just may end up saving lives.

Please allow up to four weeks for delivery.

Includes AR Drone 2.0 with blank outdoor hull and decal sheet.

For ages 14 and up. WARNING: Choking hazard due to small parts. Please use the AR Drone safely and responsibly at all times to avoid damage or injury to any animal (non-human or human) or property next to which you are flying the drone.



11 thoughts on “Taking of PETA drones: No extra habitat stamps required…”
  1. Please, please, for God’s sake, don’t tell me you’re supportive of those Philadelphia suburban gun clubs that just slaughter doves by the thousands?

    If you can watch those youtube videos posted by (yes, probably PETA guy) those do-gooders and not puke a little bit then you’re inhuman.

    I am a hunter, gun owner, radical CONSERVATIVE of the Reagan ilk, and I cannot support that under ANY circumstance.

    That’s NOT sport. That’s BLOODLUST.

    If you keep this up, I might just send a check to them to buy more drones.

    WHy don’t you THINK THINGS through before you write, John? Isn’t that what got you ALMOST sued last month?

    Sometimes even PETA can be right.

  2. I don’t know if I can put a URL link here, but will try:

    You cannot watch these vids and say these “sportsmen” represent the BEST OF US, can you?

    These are bullies, brutes, and bloodthirsty cowards.

    Please don’t support them.

    This is the reason I won’t join the NRA, cause they mindlessly support these dove/pigeon shoots.

    It’s WRONG, guys, just wrong.

    1. How do you make the leap from an article about drones to anyone’s support of unethical dove and pigeon shoots on Youtube? Are you dillusional?

      Oh!!! I get it. It’s your way of bringing attention to the Sharkonline website that no one would visit otherwise. Good work Suzie, but it’s time to straighten your skirt, strap on a pair of testicles, and get back to being a liberal do-gooder. Reagan ilk conservative – anyone buying that BS?

      I hope to see one of those drones flying around when I’m deer hunting next month. That’s some good shootin’ right there!!! $325 down in flames. Shoot down 5 and you’re an Ace.

    2. Sorry, I guess I didn’t complete the thought…….Nancy.

      If you look at shark’s videos of the pigeon shoots, you’ll see one or more videos of the………..wait for it…. the DRONES that they bought with good money and, while flying them over, what appears to be, public property, the “sportsmen” shot them down.

      So, there, thought completed. D RONES. The TOPIC of this story.

      And forgive me, Betty, but I thought most of the guys here would be familiar with the dove and pigeon shoots ….

      Not a PETA fan myself. Most of what they do is insane. Also, been on the seas, and if I saw one of those whale-saving boats coming at me, I’d put a hole in it for sure, but you missed my point or, instead, opted to attack me personally isntead of ADDRESSING MY POINT, as a typical LIZBERAL PUKE would………… and that point, inartfully made, is that dove & pigeon shoots are NOT sporting, whether there’s a DRONE filming them to put up on SHARK’s Youtube channel or otherwise.

      Oh, and, eat me.

    3. funny, Ken, that you say that your respect for private property rights is offended, while arguing that it’s OK to put a hole in a boat in the high seas… PETA may indeed be reactionary, but even saying (since joking about shooting at an inanimate object is taboo according to you) that you would be willing to put someone in the water, in the middle of the ocean- especially near whaling activities that take place in VERY cold water- should really give you pause to ask yourself what you really believe.
      This is troubling even if we set aside the notion that you are willing to shoot at someone who is engaging you, assuming peacefully (if you can provide evidence of groups such as Sea Shepherd being anything other than non-violent that would be intriguing).
      I am very comfortable around guns, even have a varsity letter in marksmanship (rare, even in the South where I grew up), so I am not really arguing whether guns are good or bad, here, nor will I. It’s just that the inconsistencies in your posting are worth clearing up. I’m sure the intelligent people on this website agree that you could use some clarity.
      Though, I will admit, that I generally agree with where you’re coming from. Wouldn’t have read your post if I didn’t.

  3. If anyone knows where these are being deployed please let the rest of us know, I would love to bag one of these! I am serious, I will have it mounted and hang it on the wall.

    What a great conversation starter.

    1. Gary, the nice thing is that you won’t have to spend all kinds of $$$ on getting it stuffed !!!!.

  4. Ya know PETA may not be such a bad group after all, I mean who else is shelling out $ 325.00 each for us to practice on moving targets ? and they even record us bagging the trophy right to the last minute !!!!!. hell I’m gonna call and tell them about a nice place I know of that they can fly these things.

  5. You guys really are a positive voice for us gun-owners, ya know!?

    I mean, talk about disrespect for private property rights.

    Even joking about it isn’t funny.

    Really despicable. PETA can suck my arse, of course, but they have the same RIGHT to do that which we so passionately defend (viz the Second Amendment) but using the First Amendment.

    How do you get off saying these things?

    Shame on you.

    1. How does shooting one of these fly in the face of property rights? By spying on people with these stupid drones, they’re violating the rights of others. Also, if they did that on private land, they would have no recourse if the landowner decided to bag the wayward drone. That could be trespassing, since they’d have to be close enough to maintain communication to control the drone. That and those liberal tools are nothing but communists who want everyone to get the same crappy pay regardless of their job, and live off rice and beans, because animals have rights or something. Fly a drone over me when I’m hunting, and I’ll be taking it home in a bag.

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