Meet the new face of the NRA in Texas.

Well, one of the five million faces of the NRA.

Her name is Matti Warren.

And she works for free.

That’s not true.  She works for freedom and liberty.

And she works with a passion that’s just not found in Gabby Giffords.


Check it out.

This 17-year-old brings gun haters to condition brown.

Furthermore, I’ve got $5 that she gets to meet Governor Rick Perry before the end of the year.


3 thoughts on “Meet the new face of the NRA in Texas”
  1. Amen, brother.

    And if she needs a place to stay, she can stay at our place. I’m pretty sure Mrs. W. will make sure I behave myself.


  2. It’s bright young folks like Matti that makes me think there just may be a future for my kids and grandkids after all.

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