Times they are a-changing.

Remember when leftists of every stripe looked forward to the U.S. Surpreme Court’s sessions which begin on the First Monday in October each year.

OCTOBER 2, 2000
12:15 PM
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Tens of Thousands of Americans Unite to End Gun Violence on First Monday 2000

WASHINGTON – October 2 – Attorney General Janet Reno, U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Andrew Cuomo, talk show host Rosie O’Donnell, Senator Frank Lautenberg, and attorneys general, mayors, police chiefs, college and graduate school students, moms, doctors, lawyers, social workers, civic leaders, and thousands of others joined forces across America today to take a stand for common sense gun laws. First Monday 2000: Unite to End Gun Violence is a national day of education and action, and the beginning of a two-year campaign to stop gun violence.

Events were scheduled for 50 major cities and 300 colleges and schools of law, medicine, nursing, public health and social work. The first Monday in October is a day when Americans traditionally focus on justice, as the Supreme Court begins its new term. First Monday 2000 is coordinated by the Alliance for Justice, in conjunction with Physicians for Social Responsibility.


After Heller in 2008 and McDonald in 2010, the anti-gun folks were rocked back on their heals.

This was followed with the final few states enacting right to carry, including our own state, Illinois!

Today, there are only crickets from the anti-gun activists as the Supreme Court came into session today, poised to hear arguments in a case of whether or not misdemeanor domestic violence should cause a life-time prohibition on the civil right of gun ownership.

Washington (AFP) – The US Supreme Court agreed Tuesday to hear a case that would determine if someone convicted of domestic violence could be allowed, in some cases, to own a gun.

The top US court, the final arbiter of America’s most burning legal questions, will hear a challenge to a 1996 law making it illegal for someone to possess a firearm if they have been convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence involving physical force or a deadly weapon.

Times are changing when pro-gun activists eagerly await the First Monday at the Supreme Court building!