The September 2013 issue of GunNews was seen in El Salvador.


And in Destin, FL.  Dozens were distributed to Florida residents!


GunNews is well-traveled.

It’s online as well…

The latest issue is also now online, here.

One thought on “GunNews well travelled… to El Salvador, Florida and online now!”
  1. Looks like the start of a new project.

    Let’s send GSL a picture of the GunNews front page someplace where it isn’t expected. (Perhaps even anti civil rights locations like New York or Boston if you dare travel through there?). I’m sure John would love to publish a few of those pictures.

    I always drop my previously read copies at various locations as I’m passing through. Some restaurants, business waiting rooms, libraries, airports, truck stops, and such have a copy of GN readily available next to the “family magazines” they so love to force upon us. At least until some new reader grabs it.

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