Don’t mess with Betty.

Not only is she working on her PhD, she’s also pretty handy with a wheelgun too.

And she surely needs to be as she’s been attacked multiple times in her home and in recent days, used her gun to defend her home for a second time in just six months.

Keep her story in mind, ladies, the next time someone who hates guns tells you that women who consider gun ownership for personal protection are too stupid to know better.

Toledo, OH (13abc) – A Toledo woman held an intruder at gunpoint after catching him on her property. And this isn’t the first time it’s happened. It’s the second time in six months Betty Collins has pulled a gun on a suspect.  She says protecting her family and property is her priority.

Around 1 a.m. on Sunday morning Betty heard something outside her home on Loxley near Upton. That’s when she found 21-year-old Thomas Lee Johnson on her porch. says he was trying to steal one of the bikes chained to the porch.

Betty said, “He was gonna remove the chain, take the bike. Then he was told to get off the porch, so he went around to other side and started to lift it again and he still had his hand on the bike when my boyfriend came out the door.”

Betty says her car had also been gone through.

When Collins didn’t leave right away, Betty pulled out her 357 Magnum and ordered him to the ground until Police arrived.

I said, get on your knees and he hesitated. I said, I’m not joking, do you see how big this gun is? It’s fully loaded. He dropped down to his knees,” Betty says, “I said, put your hands behind your head and get down flat. He’s like, I ain’t gonna and I says, year you are. So he did and he stayed there until the cops got there, he had no choice.”

This isn’t the first time, Betsy’s held a suspect for police. In May, she held another man at gunpoint after he tried to break into her house.

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  1. Nice spokeswoman for us gun owners. I like how she’s pointing it RIGHT AT the cameraman! Golly gee………d’ya s’pose he made her check and unload it first? Would it matter?


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