FTV reports that CNN’s head honcho Jeff Zucker is looking for a replacement for the unpopular Piers Morgan.

Apparently Zucker is tired of CNN occupying the ratings cellar with their raving, anti-gun zealot Morgan.

It’s not surprising as Morgan isn’t well liked back home in Great Britain, either.

When a news crew from London came to the Guns Save Life meeting back in January, I asked the reporter if she had ever met Morgan in the course of her professional duties after his name came up over his then-latest antics.

“Oh yes,” she said.

What she said next isn’t really printable on our family-friendly website.

9 thoughts on “REPORT: Anti-gun Piers Morgan’s days numbered at CNN”
    1. The above fool is so stupid making stupid comments not know anything about journalism. How pathetic.

  1. Somewhere a liberal intolerant over educated manure for brains control freak is missing their “TOAD”.

  2. I thought this nitwit said he was leaving the country if Obama did not get his gun ban passed. What is he still doing here.

    Bye, won’t miss him at all.

  3. The stupid people that are making these vile comments are the bottom on the barrel American’s, low in education and intelligence and most of all class, you don’t have it. How would you do if you went to another country to get a job, you would never be hired.

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