Ex-Royal Marine with a handgun is credited with saving 100+ innocent lives during the opening moments of the Nairobi islamist terror attack.


The only thing that stops bad people with evil in their hearts is a good guy with a gun.

British hero of the mall massacre: Ex Royal Marine with a handgun saved 100 lives as terrorists ran amok

  • Was having coffee at Westgate mall when it was attacked on Saturday
  • He returned to building a dozen times despite intense gunfire
  • Man, who can’t be named for security reasons, was pictured with victims

(Daily Mail) – A former marine emerged as a hero of the Nairobi siege yesterday after he was credited with saving up to 100 lives.

The ex soldier was having coffee at the Westgate mall when it was attacked by Islamists on Saturday.

With a gun tucked into his waistband, he was pictured helping two women from the complex.

His story emerged as sporadic gunfire continued to ring out from inside the mall early today as Kenyan security forces battled Al Qaeda-linked terrorists into a fourth day.


It’s going to happen in America folks.

Terrorists are going to hit either our schools or malls in a coordinated attack to shock and instill fear in Americans.

Should you ever hear gunfire break out in a mall or school, make your way to the nearest exit.  If in stores, be advised that there are rear exits in most stores most folks don’t know or think about.  Leave the scene.

Furthermore, don’t loiter.  There may be secondary attacks or explosions where first responders are expected to congregate after the opening moments.

Be prudent and be aware of your surroundings.

And go forth armed at all times you can legally or morally do so.







One thought on “British hero at Nairobi mall attack: A good man with a gun saves innocent lives”
  1. Jon you are correct [its going to happen in America, folks]

    Think about this act, 1 man with a gun saved 100!
    What if one of those women were your wife, sister or mother?

    This is why we need to defend our 2A right and not make concessions, nor should we support arbitrary impositions and purposeless restraints like the FOID card or 68GCA.

    P.S. Please i’m not trying to start trouble but remember the starbucks story a couple of days ago? what if this man was drinking coffee in a starbucks and didnt have his gun?
    Could he saved these people, unarmed?

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