Those opposed to civil rights, especially where it comes to guns, are typically motivated by money or power.

Anti-gun politicians love the power disarming a population gives them, and we’ll tell you why:  Because then only the government has the guns.

Anti-gun activists don’t have any power.  They don’t have much fame.  They work for $.

“Benjamins”, as they say in the inner city.

Well, the Benjamins have run dry for CeaseFire in Chicagoland.

In 2012, CeaseFire suckered the City of Chicago into giving them a million dollars to “prevent violence” and lobby against gun ownership for everyone.  How does it work?

They hire so-called “former” gang bangers to “mediate” disputes.  Yeah, right.

Don’t take our word for it.  Here’s what NBC Chicago has to say:

The organization uses “Violence Interrupters,” most of whom are former gang members, to return to the streets in an effort to stop neighborhood violence. The office provided jobs for individuals, often with criminal records.

Nevermind that more than a couple of their “interrupters” got arrested for selling dope and otherwise being scumbags.

We looked at it as the city trying to pay a jizya, or tribute, to thugs and terrorists for them to behave.

Well, the money train has ground to a halt and CeaseFire has closed the doors to their field office (they still have an office at the University of Chicago!).  NBC Chicago reported this yesterday.

Chicago – A CeaseFire office in North Lawndale has closed its doors after a $ 1 million dollar grant from the city was exhausted.

The grant was part of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s efforts in 2012 to decrease violence on the South and West sides of the city and funded offices in North Lawndale and Woodlawn.

2 thoughts on “Ceased: Chicago’s CEASEFIRE folds as $1M “grant” runs dry”
  1. Maybe it’s not a crime if “they” don’t need or miss the money. After all we’ll just print more to fill the SHORTFALL – AGAIN.

  2. Good moral choices beget good financial outcomes.

    Bad moral choices beget government grants.

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