Frank Sharpe of Fortress Defense sent this photo of a very unusual stoppage experienced by one of his students this past weekend.

During last weekend’s Level II Pistol Course, a student’s 1911 grabbed hold of her cover garment during slide-cycle. She drew her back-up and continued with her primary pistol dangling from her shirt.

We almost had to beat the slide forward with a hammer to free it – the gun was out of action, completely seized up.

You do this stuff long enough and you’ll see everything.


Three  things:

1.  It looks like he was having more fun than we were.  (Although I’m sure some would argue teaching kids and newcomers to shooting is a very different kind of fun and very rewarding at the same time.)

2.  What are the odds?  The shooter should have bought a lottery ticket.  And just another darn good reason to have yourself a back-up gun, because when the chips are down, Mr. Murphy loves to show up and party.

3.  See everything.  Hah!  Never!