What in the heck is going on?

First we read about the racist quotes of the young black man who shot the white baseball player from Australia today.

Chancey Luna, Michael Jones, James Edwards Jr

A couple of tweets from James Edwards, Jr., the alleged shooter of the Australia baseball player.  He brags of knocking out five “peckerwoods” – ghetto slang for white folks.


Then there’s the story of a senseless murder in Memphis that sure seems to be “payback” on the part of ghetto trash for the Trayvon Martin verdict.


And now tonight we get the story of a pair of black teens that savagely beat a World War II vet to death in Spokane.

Via Drudge Report.


What’s going on?

Are ghetto folks really “Polar Bear Hunting“?

If so, they should realize that polar bears are dangerous game.

17 thoughts on “Have some black ghetto denizens declared open season on whites?”
  1. Yes polar bear hunting has began. But thats not the problem i’m concerned about.
    What is going to be done about the new universal background check law?
    To me this law is treason. Why did the NRA/ISRA not make an effort to stop this law?
    If this was the price of CC then the price was too HIGH!
    I am sick of this country club mind set of appeasement to the left. Its got to stop!

    1. Bill:

      It’s going to be okay.

      I too was terribly worried about the new law until I found out that making the call was *optional* and the only purpose it serves is to offer qualified immunity to the seller if the gun is misused by the purchaser.

      As for the lost or stolen, only if the state can prove you *knew* the gun was lost or stolen and didn’t report it after three days can you then be charged and it’s like a $50 fine.

      We did oppose it, but we didn’t have nearly the votes to stop it.


    2. Thanks John for the encouragement but I still don’t like it, Voluntary can become mandatory too easily.
      Plus i dont understand the final vote in the Illinois House. They voted 109-0 in favor.
      Why! Why did so many pro-gun reps votes for universal background checks?

    3. No john its not going to be ok, everything in my spirit tells me this is bad. Just because its voluntary now doesnt mean it will not become mandatory later.
      I’m to the point that I am willing to support a new NO compromise gun group in Illinois.

      This vote was 109-0 in favor and it can be used to unseat a lot of people in the general assembly

  2. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/08/22/dhs-employee-spends-spare-time-promoting-race-war-against-whites/?test=latestnews

    And an Obamason working for DHS, paid with YOUR tax dollars, is running a web site promoting this very race war.

    “in order for Black people to survive the 21st century, we are going to have to kill a lot of whites – more than our Christian hearts can possibly count,”

    It’s not paranoia when they really are planning to kill you.

  3. Just sitting here, clinging to my God and my guns, and waiting for this cold race war to heat up.

    This I know……..we’re just better shots than they are.

    It’ll be over in moments.

    Meanwhile, are you fellas ready for the shooting gallery when the EMP hits later this summer and six MILLION of them start walking down I57, cause “thass whey de foods is?”

    It’ll be a shooting gallery, and I do mean this literally.

    1. These types of comments do not promote responsible gun ownership. Be prepared for any situation but please take “the higher road” in a public forum like this.

  4. WHAT THE [blleep]?! How in the hell is this not blatant racial-targeting yourself? I’ve been going through this site. Let me say first that I’m a liberal gun owner (yeah, I get a LOT of unjustified shit for it, I’ve also been called a nigger and a fag by plenty of people on sites just like this, ALL of them right-wingers. On liberalgunowners forum I’ve never seen this type of race-war type of behavior or painting articles in a single light)

    Why is it that every time I come here I see something about “Black man assaults white man” but I NEVER see anything about the white-on-black violence?

    I NEVER see an article discussing the FACT that there are only, on average, 650 JUSTIFIED HOMICIDES A YEAR. Out of the MILLIONS of gun owners and the tens of thousands of deaths per year, only 650 actually “saved a life.”

    Guns TAKE lives. They don’t save lives. They take life to (possibly) preserve another life. This site is being dishonest in it’s portrayal and I’d bet money that all the racist shit I see on here, when called out will get matched with personal attacks on me (diverting from the topic) personal anecdotes about how “Blacks are more violent” or “they haven’t been slaves for 150 years, it’s up to THEM (as if all blacks are tied together. That’s like saying all European whites are tied together. And do you have any idea how many gun-owning conservatives have told me Africa is a country?)-To stop the violence and it’s always this highly suggestive language-Like this article-That strongly or subtly implies that blacks are a problem and whites are not. That immigrants are a problem (as if all of us aren’t immigrants ourselves, unless you’re a pure-blooded Native American)

    People acting like white privilage doesn’t exist, and completely ignoring the FACT that the states with the highest rate of gun ownership have the highest rate of gun suicides and accidental discharges resulting in death! I always hear about “Chicago is what happens when you let liberals impliment gun control” (misconstrued information, to say the least, and showing a further bias when we, as Americans, should be WORKING TOGETHER instead of being at each other’s throats when the REAL crooks laugh their way to the bank off of our blood, sweat and tears!)–Responsibility ISN’T bullet-proof.

    The other strawman I hear is “if you’re a responsible gun owner you’ll never have an accidental or negligent discharge” Bullshit. PLenty of cops, military and professionals throughout the world have had ones. My dad is an Ex-SEAL, 1st generation, trained alongside the SAS to get our Special Operations units going in Vietnam. He spent 30 years training in large and small arms, and mainly small arms, knife-fighting and survival tactics and hand-to-hand combat and evolution of thought. He had an AD and he knows plenty of other people in the top-tier of our military who have had AD or ND

    Yeah, I’m off topic a bit but my point is this type of article is race-baiting.

    How do you expect a black reader (or do you expect to have black readers on here?) to react to this? I read the article and the article comments about the WW2 veteran who was killed and the amount of bigoted nasty comments were from conservatives and ONLY conservatives. Why is that?

    I found an article about a black WW2 vet killed in a similar area 5-6 years back by some white bigoted pieces of garbage. The comments were filled with “Good-riddance, one less Obama supporter” etc. The one listed above in your article has “Remember, Obama says these guys are his sons! Did you not hear him say that they are his sons?!” (No, I didn’t and no one else who is, y’know, sane, heard that, either)

    Gun registration has gone on for quite some time. No liberal I know wants to take my gun, many go shooting with me. No liberal-libertarian or socialist-libertarian-democratic wants to take your guns away. And need I remind you that ALL guns, legal or otherwise were manufactured legally? Owned legally or put SOMEWHERE legally before being obtained illegally?

    There is nuance to be had here. I know it scares a lot of people, but it’s true. Again, I am a gun owner, I got my compact 9mm right next to me. I’ve sold most of my guns (I’m 27 and HAVE had to use my Hi-Point C9, of all things, to save my life by taking another life. No, I won’t give you my name, so you can call me a liar or you can believe me. This happened years ago and I’m done with that particular shit-storm)….I had a Kimber TLE 2 1911 .45, a Glock 19, a Springfield XDm .40, a Beretta 92FS and a Tuarus PT-92, the G19 and B92 (modded by yours truly, lightened trigger pull, 20-round flush mags, Hogue grips, Wolffe recoil springs, tactical quick-draw leg holster and belt, the works! Loved it! Best shooter I had, above the Kimber, which I had two of, got one sent back fresh from Kimber and it still failed more than My Hi-Point! So make fun of me all you want for that but it saved my life.

    My dad is a 3-tour combat veteran and served with many great black soldiers and officers. He knows what it’s like to kill, so do I. MOST of you do not. That’s a statistical fact. If I can remain this objective and keep my mind open, why can’t you?

  5. “ust sitting here, clinging to my God and my guns, and waiting for this cold race war to heat up.

    This I know……..we’re just better shots than they are.

    It’ll be over in moments.

    Meanwhile, are you fellas ready for the shooting gallery when the EMP hits later this summer and six MILLION of them start walking down I57, cause “thass whey de foods is?”

    It’ll be a shooting gallery, and I do mean this literally.”

    This, this is why you guys cannot, and should not be taken seriously. I know three black officers, two former SAS and one a Marine Recon that my dad got to know, two were in ‘Nam, the other served in multiple operations throughout the 70s and 80s and 90s. They are ten times the marksmen, no, 100x the marksmen and shooters as your average gun-range regular or bigoted gun advocate like yourself. And I can gaurantee that they would END you.

    The way you talk about blacks is disgusting, your disrespect for them shows how much you respect your own intellect, which clearly isn’t very much. It’s sad, truly sad. My parents, who marched for civil rights, my mom, who was a Freedom Rider, and the men and women who went down to the south and got pelted, lynched, raped, beat on and everything else haven’t seen this kind of resurgance of racism since then, and it’s appalling.

    Where was that giant EMP blast, again? Summer is just about over. And what will you have to say if we get a republican president in 2016 and by 2020 the country is worse off? Will you STILL blame Obama?

    Fun fact: (go ahead and google it) 44% of the GOP in Louisiana aren’t sure who is to blame for the way Katrina was handled, Bush, or Obama. Obama who was a 1st term senator in a completely different state. 23% think it’s his fault. Yeah, the GOP is TRULY informed *rolls eyes*

    All this to say. Most liberal-libertarians, moderate conservatives, moderate democrats, socialist-libertarian-democrats (like Noam Chomsky) are willing to work with those who are, y’know, sane. Disagreement is part of a democracy, but racism is dying out and so are the people like you. Racism has no place in modern politics or policy or decision-making, it never got us anywhere before, it sure as shit won’t get us anywhere now. “Cold Race War?”

    Tell you waht, if you’re such a badass, e-mail me, come down to where I live, a predominantly black area and tell these people what you think of them. Most will think you aren’t worth it, in which case they are “pussies” the ones that do kick your ass will “only be proving your point” or some such shit. So no matter which way you play it you somehow come out thinking your shit doesn’t stink. It’s fucking pathetic.

    Now go ahead and throw some unclever bullshit insults my way and defend your racism a bit by throwing out some rabidly hateful reasons for why y ou think it’s okay to clump all black people together. Such original thoughts as: “They owned slaves in Africa!” or “They sold their own people to us to use back then” (as if that excuses either party , and of course someone like you thinks all blacks are the same yet you seem to grasp the concept that not all whites are the same, that we come from different heritages, languages, cultures. SO DO BLACK PEOPLE)

    Ugh…why do I bother…Sites like this make me second-guess being a gun-owner. NOT the so called “left-wing propaganda” it’s YOU guys. You guys are the ones who are turning rational gun owners off by acting so fucking batshit crazy. Which, ironically, would leave nothing but you crazy fucks around and you would then begin your beloved war.

    Though I bet you shit yourself once the bullets start flying.

    1. You made several attempts during your post to give yourself credibility.
      Your strong use of profanity and obscene words, does not give you any credibilty, it detracts.
      You refer to your dad’s and some friends military service but what would have served you better, would be to note your service record. What have you done?
      It’s because of their servcice that you have to right to spew your beliefs and anger without fear of reprisal.
      I have lived several decades longer than you and one thing I have observed is that the person ahouting “racist” is usually the real racist. Not everybody looks at life with racial eyes.

  6. Apply Obama’s America’s sorry / America’s to blame / Hug your enemy until the gun stops foreign policy that might work.

  7. What about all the attacks on whites since the zimmerman trial? The man was mexican not white.

  8. http:/joeforamerica.com/2013/08/11-liberal-rules-for-racism-in-america/ This could be a checklist for conversation that maybe modified.

  9. i remember all the riots after ml king got shot. in hartford, ct, the afros live in the north end while the italians lived in the south end. family memebers who worked for the city told me that a line was drawn–no blacks dared venture into the south end. the mob had guys on the rooftops with automatic weapons! as it was, there were approximately 40 afros shot with shotguns–never made the 6 oclock news.

  10. Ii don’t think I am a racist. I am not going on about what my dad did you dumb bastard. Ill tell you what I did. First I went. To. Haiti. For 3 weeks and web built a church building for the 105. Kids in the orphanage. Then when. Katrina. Hit. I called the Red Cross and volunteered. I went to Louisiana. For 3 weeks and worked as their no 1. Garbage guy and there it was about 80%. Black. So don’t call me racist. And besides that if you don’t like us stay the hell away. !!!!!!

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