Guns Save Life is sponsoring a family fun shoot on Saturday, August 24th from 9am – 3-4pm-ish for Cross Trail Outfitters and for anyone else wishing to bring the family out for a great day of fun and excitement.

The purpose of the event is to introduce firearm safety and the fun and excitement of firearms ownership to young people who may have had little or no exposure to firearms outside of Hollywood and TV.  Kids and adults alike will learn the NRA’s three rules of gun safety, what little kids should do if they encounter a real gun, how to store firearms.

Once the orientation is out of the way, participants will be able to shoot rifles, pistols and shotguns, learning the fundamentals of safe and effective firearms use and more importantly, the fun and excitement of shooting sports under the supervision of firearm instructors and range officers.

The event is free and lunch is provided.  Donations are accepted.

The event will be held at the Holland Farm in McLean, IL.  The address is 1411 Rodeo Road, McLean, IL 61754.

See this .pdf for a promotional flyer and a map and directions.



We still need a few more volunteers to assist both on the firing lines for pistols, rifles and shotguns as well.  Bring the kids and let them shoot while you help us with the logistics or on the firing lines.  It’ll be a fun, family-friendly day.