Mayors Against Illegal Guns has a little problem.  A lot of them actually.  Mostly about their members and their illegal activities.

Their latest member to find himself in the national public limelight for shameful and/or criminal activity is San Diego’s Bob Filner.

One wonders if we would find kiddie porn on his personal computer right next to those files about strict gun control advocacy from Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

(NRO) – San Diego mayor Bob Filner now has an eleventh accuser — a woman who alleges he sexually harassed her when she went to ask him to aid a Marine who’d endured a brain injury and post-traumatic-stress disorder during her service in Iraq.

CBS 8 reports that Michelle Tyler, a licensed vocational nurse, accused Filner of harassing her in the mayor’s office on June 11, about a month before the mayor’s former communications director filed a lawsuit accusing the mayor of harassment and making his behavior public.

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  1. Anti-gun Mayors Are Intensely Gonadal

    I wonder if Anthony Weiner has ever been a Mayor – or a member.

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