You probably heard about anti-gun’s Jeff Bezos buying the anti-gun Washington Post for $250M yesterday.

What you probably didn’t hear from the mainstream media is that’s 12.5% of the Post‘s value 10 years ago – a direct result of their leftward bias that’s not wanted or welcome by the vast majority of Americans.

Would you buy something that’s declining in value that rapidly?

Probably not, unless you had money to burn, an agenda you were willing to spend dearly on or were simply dumb as a box of rocks.

Bezos apparently thinks he’s smarter than the current owners.

Of course, the WaPo‘s now former owners thought they were pretty smart buying Newsweek, too.  We all know what happened to Newsweek.

We’ll let the wizards of smart have fun with this.

One thought on “Declining mainstream media: WaPo sells for 12.5% of its value a decade ago”
  1. Maybe the new owners is going to try to takeover the “Big Parrot” cage liner business.

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