Chicago’s top cop, the guy who shot out streetlights in a drunken rage while screaming racial epithets of local residents in NJ, says Illinois residents are too stupid to learn the fundamentals of carrying a gun with 16-hours of training.

In an interview with Fox 32, he said:

“…Seriously. We’re setting ourselves up for problems,” Garry McCarthy said. “And 16 hours of training? And then telling somebody, ‘Here, go have at it.’ There’s not even a qualification involved. There’s 16 hours of training. Do you know what 16 hours means? That’s two days in school, right? Eight hours a day. That is not an adequate period of time to become proficient with a firearm. You probably can’t even figure out how a gun works in that short a time, how to clean it! Let alone to learn how to use it.”

It’s worth noting that Indiana has issued carry permits to its residents for forty-some years without *any* training requirements and we’ve heard no reports of an inability of license-holders there not being able to figure out how their guns work or how to clean it.

That must make them pretty smart, compared to Illinois’ residents who apparently can’t do either, even with 16-hours of training.

In fact, even back in 2004, 300,000 Hoosiers had carry permits.  They must be a really smart lot across the state line over there.

300,000 Hoosiers have gun permits
July 11, 2004

(Indy Star) – In May, when pizza deliveryman Ronald B. Honeycutt was confronted by a gun-toting robber, he drew his own 9 mm and pulled the trigger, pumping more than 10 bullets into the Indianapolis man, killing him.

Two months before, when a neighbor came after Daniel L. Floyd with an ax handle, the Johnson County man fired his 9 mm handgun, sending one bullet into the neighbor’s neck and two into his torso. The man died.

Like 300,000 other Hoosiers, the two men had permits to carry handguns in public. In neither case were charges filed.

Nearly one in 15 Indiana adults have gun permits, which they can get once they turn 18 — and without going through any training. The state is second only to New York in the number of gun permits per 1,000 adults

The violent crime rate in Indiana, with those smarter people, is notably below the national averages.

Illinois?  Well, it’s notably above national averages.

We at Guns Save Life find it hard to believe that Illinois residents are dumber than Indiana’s residents.






10 thoughts on “Chicago’s top cop: Illinois residents are stupid”
  1. Well lets. See mr dumb shit. I started carrying a little single shot Stevens. Hunting rabbits with my Dad. When I was 8. He showed me how to clean it and oil it. That was. — a long time ago mr Kcarthy. I’ve been doing it every since About. 70 years ago. Is that enough schooling for you.

  2. The top heavy cop is worried about the shooters knowing about windage when shooting out street lights,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  3. In Illinois Police Officers are required to attend a 40 hour basic firearms course. The basic Police Academy includes this in the 10 week academy, but some Officers attend this separately when in the part time academy or transfers from another state. After that we are required to shoot a 30 round qualification once per year. I’ve done way more than the minimum, but I’m different. What I’m trying to say is there are individuals who can shoot better more accurately than most Police Officers in illinois. I’m not worried about only 16 hours. I do feel that individuals should spend more than 16 hours perishable skill and all, but I don’t see people as being stupid because they don’t spend more time traing or don’t do a qualification.

  4. I tell our students at GSL Defense Training classes that they won’t be high speed, low drag at the end of our class – not by a long shot.

    But they will shoot at least as well as the average cop.

    I know of more than a few cops that struggle with the qualification.

    I can’t figure out why unless they aren’t listening to what you’re telling them.


  5. The thing with top cop; he is confusing Illinois residents fot Chicago residents. Why should we even care what he thinks?

    1. We don’t.

      Have you found it interesting that he’s never around on the weekends to comment or be on the scene?

      Could it be because he’s getting snockered on crappy beer and chasing skirts pretty aggressively?

      Garry, if you need help, it’s okay. can help you.


    2. are any street lights going missing on the weekends? maybe that’s where he is. 🙂

  6. Indiana residents are indeed much smarter than the Illinoyed – they didn’t vote for George Ryan, Odd Blagojevich, Rahmmanual and they didn’t hire the drunken idiot McCarthy. Chicago residents seem to be the stupid ones but they are getting shot at a much faster rate than the rest of the state.

  7. Hey. Mc Carthy. You Reason this. Blog.??? Well you should. Be. Yea if these guys are correct. Maybe you should. Consider the 12 step program. Of. A A. I. Did!! But. One requirement to be successful. There is to be honest. With , Of all people. Is YOURSELF!! What. Do you. Think. Of that ??? Someone already told you how to “. Make the call “. As it were.

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