This is what passes for reasoned discourse over at the lightly-trafficked National Gun Victims Action Council.

This “week” they profiled Brandon Phelps.  Why?

Because it was his name at the top of the bill that felled Illinois as the last beach-head of gun control in the nation when it comes to right-to-carry.

Here’s what they led with:

Alcohol abusers are seven times more likely to commit violence than others. But NRA-hole of the week, Illinois State Rep. Brandon Phelps, says a ban on guns in bars and restaurants added by Illinois Governor Pat Quinn to Phelps’ concealed carry bill is “catering” to the “powerful restaurant association up there in Chicago.”

Nevermind that alcohol abusers or any other substance abusers are prohibited by federal law from purchasing, owning or possessing firearms.

But don’t let the truth get in the way of a good post at – did we mention lightly-trafficked* – NGAC blog, right?

Later, in their story, they wrote this whopper:

Phelps acknowledges the extreme gun bloodshed in Chicago, like the 70 shootings over the Fourth of July weekend. But despite statistics that the majority of Chicago crime guns are bought in Illinois from municipalities with looser laws, especially just outside of Chicago, Phelps says Chicago’s bloodshed is proof that guns laws “don’t work.” Of course Chicago has no gun laws because the NRA’s defeat of every law that would reduce criminal gun trafficking effectively erases them. Who can say hypocrite?

Emphasis original.

Chicago has no gun laws.

Did you get that?

And the anti-gunners wonder why their credibility among anyone who knows anything is near zero.

Of course, if you’re targeting the low information voters, that’s entirely another matter.

*By lightly trafficked, we mean their Alexa rank is 2,664,441 in the world.

Instead of sending them a couple thousand visitors, we’ll just give you a screen grab and leave them to anguish in the basement of web traffic.


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