Imagine that… Mary Shepard doesn’t want to wait another nine months to defend herself from another beating like this one she sustained in her church.

Motion for injunction to allow Mary Shepard and members of the ISRA to carry in a manner consistent with the recently enacted “Firearms Carrying Act” immediately, citing the 180-day period the Illinois State Police has to implement the law and the additional 90-days to process the applications.

Madigan’s response is to claim the motion is moot because of the recently enacted law.

Read all about it.

Motion for Injunction

Motion to Expedite

Madigan’s response

Motion to dismiss



Story from the Herald and Review:

SPRINGFIELD – The National Rifle Association says Illinois gun owners shouldn’t have to wait nine months for the right to carry concealed weapons.

A day after Illinois became the 50th state to legalize the concealed-carry of loaded guns in public, the organization filed a motion in U.S. District Court in southern Illinois seeking to allow Illinoisans with Firearm Owners Identification cards to be able to carry weapons beginning July 16.

NRA attorneys said gun owners should not have to wait the estimated 270 days the state says it will take to get a concealed carry permitting system up and running now that it is legal.

“If this court fails to take any action, plaintiffs’ constitutional rights will continued to be infringed on for – at least – another nine months,” the request notes.

In December, a federal appeals court ruled that Illinois’ ban on concealed carry violated the constitution and must be changed within 180 days. The court later gave state officials an extra 30 days to put a law on the books.

The new law, which outlines a series of training requirements and prohibitions on where weapons can be taken, went into effect Tuesday when the House and Senate overrode Gov. Pat Quinn’s earlier veto.

But, the law gives the Illinois State Police six months to get a permitting system online and another 90 days to issue permits once people begin applying. The state police have said they will arrest people who carry concealed weapons before they receive permits.

“This is unacceptable,” the NRA noted Wednesday. “During the more than two years that this case has been pending. the constitutional rights of law abiding citizens like plaintiffs have been infringed.”

13 thoughts on “FLASH: New Shepard litigation seeks to implement carry *immediately*”
  1. Oh, of course you can establish a new website, it’s your first amendment right.

    Just wait 270 days until we can get the permit system up and running.

    1. After reading the filings, you realize her point. We all know The Court ruled the ban unconstitutional and for a law for ccw to be passed. The ccw law was passed but the unconstitutional ban was left still in place. The Courts mandate on the removing the ban has not been carried out by the State.

    1. No, it’s about Chicago having control, I’m kind of sick of hearing about democrats, it was downstate democrats like Phelps that made this possible.

  2. Crime statistics show there are approximately 60,000 violent crimes in Illinois each year. Just doing some simple math indicates there will be approximately 44,000 violent crimes over the next 270 days. If concealed carry would prevent or improve the disposition of 0.5% of these crimes, there would be approximately 220 fewer violent crime victims in Illinois. If the number is 10%, that’s 4,400 fewer victims. I think that is significant, especially if the violent crime would be committed against me or someone I care about. Apparently Ms. Madigan would be okay with being the victim of one of the preventable crimes because she will argue this case ad nauseam. She’s got more balls than most (counting her own pair and her husband’s pair she keeps in a jar on the night stand).

  3. This is just another ridiculous “act” in the farcical play that is Chicago and Illinois politics. Rahm, Quinn, and all their evil minions would rather see more innocent victims of violent crime and more dead bodies than actually do something, ANYTHING positive that will actually improve the situation. If that does not show you the true colors of the people who have been elected to office here, nothing will. They do not care how many lives are destroyed or how many deaths are directly caused by their DELIBERATE, PREMEDITATED ACTIONS. Let that sink in for a second people…..THEY SIMPLY DO NOT CARE that more people will die.

  4. That’s why Mary, NRA & ISRA Filed, they know Illinois will
    drag its feet. You will see it when the ISP asks for an
    extention on day 179.

  5. They don’t need a “new” system. Just re-issue FOID with
    a CCW stamp. would take about 15min.

  6. They should have started to set up a system as soon as the feds made their ruling. What arrogance thinking they would ultimately win.

  7. I suppose we’ll need another Mary Shepard, one who uses mass transit, to suffer grave injury, or worse, before these ridiculous carve outs are removed. (Carve outs, that’s what Todd Vandermyde called them, right?) Why did the recent petition not call for over turning these prohibited places? I suppose everyone south of I-80, and west of the Fox River got what they wanted. In the NE area, we’ll see massive postings of private and managed property prohibiting firearms. So, if you walk, ride a bike, or use mass transit, it’s the status quo. This “law” also got us several symbolic AW bans in home rule municipalities, and we’re urged to run around to all these board meetings? WTF? The 7th Cir ruling was squandered.

  8. Sorry for double comment. Yes thank you. Mr Phelps we appreciate you. But just remember. We can NOT afford to. Let Dan Rutherford Get off the screen We should be pounding this in .EVERY. Day til we see this. Guy sitting in the big office in Springfield. If he don’t. Make it. Guess what. Neither will we have the liberty we want … –“”–

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