Things are heating up in Springfield this morning.

Ah, the land of freedom.  It’s almost like Kentucky or Indiana as I did my morning errands with my safety rescue tool under my shirt with ZERO fear of arrest or prosecution from an overzealous member of the criminal justice system.

Talk about a weird feeling of not wearing a fanny pack!

Sorry for the digression out of the gate:
First up:  Bill Daley will be in Springfield this morning to castigate our petulant little man-child governor Patrick Quinn’s non-leadership.  Daley’s going to promote further victim disarmament and criticize the pension mess.


CapFax says there’s a “big amendment coming” on concealed carry that the media missed.  Sorry, Rich.  There was nothing to miss because the “big amendment” is going nowhere.


Wanna add your input to the hearing this morning on Quinn’s proposed amendatory veto that’s been written up as a new amendment to a shell bill?  SUBMIT A WITNESS SLIP.

Fill it out as an individual.

HB11, Senate Amendment 2 is Quinn’s asinine proposal.  As for the original bill, you can check supporter, opponent or no position on merits (your choice).  On Senate Amendment 2, check opponent.

Takes about one to three minutes depending on how quickly to type.


The House will take up the over-ride this morning.  The Senate is also expected to vote today as well.


In fact, the Illinois State Police have already put up a FAQ page on their website, and the information there is from the original bill, NOT the governor’s hair-brained proposed changes.

7 thoughts on “Heating up in Springfield…”
  1. The illinois state police website says after july 9th they will arrest anyone with concealed carry without a permit ?

    1. That’s always been their position. But… Will they find a State’s Attorney to prosecute the case? In many counties, I would guess “NO”

    2. If they do, I’ve got a couple of attorneys who would be delighted to file a federal 1983 case.

    3. Here’s what it says. Notice where it says until july 9th

      On Tuesday, June 4, 2013, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals extended the time for the current law to remain in place until July 9, 2013 or when a new law goes into effect, whichever occurs first.  ISP Director Grau is reminding the public that HB183, which was recently passed by the legislature, is currently under review, pursuant to the Illinois Constitution by Governor Quinn.  It has not yet become law.

  2. I think the transportation laws are still in effect. I hope John did his errands on foot!

  3. I’ve always said I wouldn’t live long enough to see concealed carry in IL.but I may yet.

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