Canada’s newspaper of record, The Globe and Mail, ran a glowing expose about Guns Save last week in the form of a 4:44 video documentary.

The folks at the Brady Campaign, or Americans for Responsible Solutions, will probably think the video is 6:66, but that’s too bad.

Here it is for you.

(There’s no embed feature for the video, so you’ll have to click over to see the video…)

Don’t miss the comments!  We’ve rankled a few tender Canadian minds  in the video…

Last U.S. state poised to drop concealed-gun ban

The Globe and Mail
Last updated Tuesday, Jul. 02 2013, 12:14 PM EDT

Illinois has until July 9 to amend a law banning concealed guns after a court declared it unconstitutional. Freelancer Charles Ledford catches up with gun supporters associated with in Champaign, Ill., to talk about their work

One thought on “International publicity for GSL: Canada’s newspaper of record video story on Guns Save Life”
  1. Interesting. They used to be a liberal rag and were quite supportive of Ann McLellan’s (Canadian equivalent of Dianne Feinstein) infamous bill C-68.

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