John Krupa of Spartan Tactical Training Group sent this to me yesterday.

I secured permission from him to reprint it.  He’s spot on.


IL CCW frauds –

This E-mail was forwarded to me today and has raised concerns that “instructors” are advertising IL CCW classes when in fact the IL CCW law HAS NOT been enacted nor any regulatory system established!

People interested in obtaining an IL CCW permit should be aware that the ONLY instructors that will be able to LEGALLY teach this program are the ones that will be registered and authorized by the Illinois State Police.

You WILL NOT be eligible to obtain an IL CCW permit if you attend ANY training courses (8 hours or 16 hours) that have not been certified by the Illinois State Police!

Once the IL CCW law is passed, the ISP will be assigned as the regulatory entity for the State of Illinois to review and approve ALL instructors and training programs that will be authorized for this program.

Be very careful here folks as there are going to be literally “hundreds” of posers and fake instructors out there with little to no instructor experience looking to turn the IL CCW opportunity into a cash cow! They’re not going to care if you learn anything or not. The bulk of these guys are just interested in getting your hard earned $$$.

Let the law go into affect, let ISP implement the IL CCW program and find a reliable ISP approved instructor and program so you can get it right the first time!

As always, stay safe.


John Krupa III
Master Firearms Instructor (ILETSB)
President / Director of Training
Spartan Tactical Training Group, LLC
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He appended an email from Joel Ostrander with a similar message.

Sent: 6/29/2013 10:46:39 A.M. Central Daylight Time

I am writing this message because it is alarming that some instructors are rushing to sign up students for IL CCW Class. Keep in mind, we still don’t have CCW in place yet!

I want to emphasize that when passed, all instructors will have to submit their credentials and 16 hour lesson plans to the IL State Police for approval. Once approved, the instructors will be listed on the ISP website.

I just learned of the following “incredible offer” by an instructor I will keep anonymous:

“You are receiving this because you have shown interest in Illinois CCW.

How many of you would be willing to speculate now, on an Illinois CCW course?  What I mean is, would you be willing to pay for, attend the entire classroom portion, and shoot the qualification score now, and receive your training certificate when the bill is finally signed and Illinois CCW is finally a reality?  That way, when the state is ready to accept applications, all you’d have to do is get fingerprinted electronically, and submit your documentation and permit fee.  I want to get as many XXXXX members and regular ABCD clients done as I can prior to the herds of people who will want this training when the bill is signed.

I have decided on a course fee for the 16-hour block of CCW training Illinois is requiring.  It will be my standard two-day class fee of $275.00.  I have stated that all XXXXX members and prior ABCD clients would get a $50.00 discount from the actual course fee, making it $225.00, but if you are willing to speculate on this bill becoming law and want to get a jump on the process, I’ll do it for you now for only $200.00.  I would not issue you a training certificate until this permit becomes state law.  When we finally have applications, I would do all of the notary work and sign-off’s then.  I’m sure you can understand why we have to do it this way?

 Now here’s the catch!  Please understand that if IL CCW does NOT become law, I would not be able refund your tuition, nor will it be transferred over to another course.  You would be speculating on Governor Quinn and the Madigan’s.  It’s sort of like being a Futures buyer at the Merc.

 This would be your decision to make.  I am offering this as a service to our membership and to my better clients.  I also cannot piecemeal this particular training course, so the offer is for one class only.  The date is Saturday, August 17, 2013 for everyone receiving this E-mail.  If you pay for this course and for whatever reason you do not show up, I’m sorry but you’ll be SOL.

 I needed at least 25 people to respond to make this offer worthwhile.  I have already achieved that number.  I do have room for a few more.  This class would be for card-carrying XXXXX members, and past ABCD clients only!  Please, NO family members or friends at this point.  I will need a response from you Double-ASAP.  I would then send you an application which you would have to return with the tuition immediately.  Again, this is totally up to you.   

 Keep this to yourself, but let me know ASAP????”

Do you want to buy some land in FL, or interest in a bridge located in Brooklyn?

The proposed law will permit instructors to give 8 hours credit toward the required 16 hours of training. I’m sure you will be able to find training from competent instructors far cheaper than this.

But I’m more concerned about people rushing into CCW when it doesn’t exist. We are close, but be patient.

Stay safe!

Joel W. Ostrander
SafeShot, Ltd.



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